Mission of CPLP electoral bodies follows start of 2nd round voting — Superior Electoral Court

On the morning of this Sunday (30), even before the arrival of female voters, observers from the Electoral Observation Mission (MOE) of the Network of Jurisdictional Bodies and Electoral Administration of the Community of Portuguese-Speaking Countries (Rojae-CPLP) accompanied the preparations for the second round of voting at Escola Logosófica, in Brasília (DF), with the issuance of the zerésima.

One of the most important auditing tools of the electronic voting process, the zerésima is a paper report that every electronic voting machine issues when it is turned on and that shows that there is no vote for any candidate before the start of voting. Once issued, the zerésima is signed and placed next to the door of the section for everyone to check, which reinforces the transparency of the electoral process.

voting routine

The seven observers who are part of the Rojae-CPLP mission in the second round were also able to accompany the first voters who voted at the school and saw closely how the voting routine works. The mission and the other delegations that make up the program of international missions for this year’s elections in Brazil are following the election this Sunday in different locations.

For Fernando Anastácio, member of the National Elections Commission of Portugal and spokesperson for the Rojae-CPLP mission, first impressions are the best possible. “Everything is happening with a lot of organization, agility, tranquility, legitimacy and credibility”, he pointed out.

exchange of experiences

Recalling that elections are quite different in Brazil and Portugal, a country with a population of 10 million and where the vote is printed, Fernando highlighted the exchange nature of the missions. “Certainly the greatest learning we take from this mission is the work to combat disinformation, fake news, which has been carried out by the Superior Electoral Court (TSE). This is exceptional work, with affirmative action and positive results,” he said.

The Rojae-CPLP mission in the second round is composed of seven observers, presidents, members and technicians of the electoral administration bodies of the following CPLP countries: Angola, Cape Verde, Guinea-Bissau, Mozambique and Portugal. In the first round of the elections, which took place on 2 October, 14 observers were present, with representatives also from Timor-Leste. The mission president is João Damião, a member of the Angolan National Electoral Commission.


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