North Man, movie with Nicole Kidman, is on streaming – 05/07/2022 – Illustrated

In medieval Scandinavia, Prince Amleth seeks revenge on his father’s murderer — his uncle, who usurped the throne and even married his mother.

This legend inspired “Hamlet”, one of William Shakespeare’s most famous plays. Now it becomes “The Man in the North”, a violent film under the direction of Robert Eggers, from “The Witch” and “The Lighthouse”. The cast includes Alexander Sarsgård, Nicole Kidman and singer Björk.

For purchase or rent on Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV+, Google Play and Now, 16 years old

Gucci House

The murder of Maurizio Gucci, heir to the famous Italian brand, is told in this feature by Ridley Scott. The mastermind of the crime was his wife Patrizia, played by pop diva Lady Gaga.

Amazon Prime Video, 14 years old

Control Z

In the third season of the Mexican series, young Sofia and Javi face yet another hacker willing to create problems for the students of the Colegio Nacional.

Netflix, 18 years old

Legends of Nature

Presenters Damian Duffy and Matt Hoffmann travel the world in search of mythical creatures. The first stop is the Brazilian Pantanal, where a mysterious predator allegedly claimed victims.

Animal Planet, 9:15 pm, 12 years old

The Love Inside the Camera

The documentary by Jamille Fortunato and Lara Beck Belov tells how Orlando and Conceição Senna met on a film set and have been together for almost 60 years.

Canal Brasil, 20h, 12 years old


Tim Burton directs this version with actors of the fable of the flying elephant, one of Disney’s most popular animated features. Unprecedented on open TV.

Globe, 10:35 pm, 10 years

Childhood Without Borders

Great names in children’s literature from Brazil and China, such as Maurício de Sousa and Qin Wenjune, participate in this virtual meeting mediated by José Renato Nalini, from Academia Paulista de Letras. Registration at

Zoom, 9am, free

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