Nubank creates a resource that helps customers pay their bills on time

Leaving the payment slips is not always easy for those who started the financial organization a short time ago. The internet comes as an ally, as it offers spreadsheets and other resources. Digital banks also collaborate with this process. Nubank, for example, launched a tool that helps customers keep their accounts up to date.

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We are talking about the great novelty of fintech: the payment assistant which helps people to pay all bills without delay. In short, it is easier to organize and pay bills with the help of the tool. As? The feature allows customers to mark due dates so that nothing goes too late.

Accounts up to date

Paying bills and invoices at the right time is essential to build a good score. This is the score that shows the market whether or not you are a good payer who meets your commitments as expected.

With the rush of everyday life, not everyone can organize themselves so as not to miss the dates. With an eye on this difficulty, Nubank created a new resource which works as a virtual assistant just for paying off debts. It’s a simpler way to stay in control of your financial life.

The bank’s proposal is also for customers to focus all spending on the card and account, which will attract more customers to the app and the services offered by the fintech.

With the assistant, just activate the automatic mode, as all bills will be paid on time. It also makes it possible to have a complete view of all expenses, as well as amounts and dates. When using the feature, all appointments financial are in one place, all organized and automated. It is also possible to make recurring PIX, automatically pay card bills and find slips linked to CPF or CNPJ.

Just register the accounts in the app. After that, the system will indicate the payment dates to the customer and show how many tickets have already been paid and those that are about to expire.

To access the new tool, just follow the steps below:

  • Enter the Nubank app;
  • Look for the option “Follow too”;
  • Click on “Payment Wizard”.

So just follow the steps and get started to start paying all your invoices on time, that is, without delays that could compromise your score and reputation.

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