‘Preventing voting is a crime’: TSE sends alert to millions of cell phones

TSE building in Brasilia

Credit, Marcelo Camargo/Agência Brasil

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TSE building in Brasilia

After carrying out inspection operations by the Federal Highway Police (PRF) against vehicles transporting voters, the Superior Electoral Court (TSE) sent an alert to Brazilians’ cell phones, through the e-Título application, highlighting that it is an electoral crime to prevent the population to exercise their right to vote.

“Whoever prevents the population from voting commits an electoral crime. Report any irregularity through the sparrow app #SeuVotoFazoPais”, the message read.

The Pardal application, also from the Electoral Justice, allows voters and candidates to inform Justice and the Public Ministry of flagrant practices of improper practices.

The alert, triggered around 2:30 pm this Sunday (30), was sent to all citizens who have the application downloaded on their devices. According to the TSE, until the eve of the first round, around 30 million voters activated the e-Título in Brazil and abroad.

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