Renato Gaúcho remains uncertain about renewing contract

Renato Gaúcho kept the tone of uncertainty about his stay at Grêmio for the 2023 season. After the 2-2 draw with Tombense, the coach repeated that he doesn’t know if he will remain in the Tricolor.

With a contract ending next week, Portaluppi awaits the presidential election in November. Both candidates who will run for the presidency of Grêmio have already stated that they hope to have him in charge of the team. However, the coach waits to talk to the elected only after the election is defined.

“My role is to motivate the players. It’s their opportunity. I don’t know if I’ll be here or not. The next president will have a coach. The players are professionals and they have a contract. These games are important for the next president and the next coach. can even assess who should remain in the group or not. It’s their opportunity”, he said.

The former striker also repeated what he had already said about the need for a professional department and the work of people who ‘understand football’ at the club.

“We have to be realistic: football is not for amateurs. When you put amateurs in, certain things happen and the bill arrives. Unfortunately, it arrived and the fans paid for it. This cannot happen. It doesn’t matter who the next president is, the next coach, the group, Grêmio is too big to suddenly have someone with a pen and not understand the subject”, sentenced Renato.

The last game of the Grêmio season will be this Thursday, against Brusque, at the Arena. The gaucho team has already confirmed its access to Serie A next year.

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