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THE stutter it is a speech disorder, with this, its normal flow is affected, interfering with fluency. However, it cannot be caused by underlying diseases and can be related to nervousness. In this way, this condition can be treated, including new robots that promise to help in the evolution of these people’s speech. See how they work below.

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Interaction robots promise to help in the treatment of stuttering

The so-called sociable robots are great candidates to work in stuttering treatment tools, assuming the role of helpers. To corroborate the information, recent studies positively evaluate this novelty for clinical use.

In this scenario, robots are an advantageous alternative for having a physical presence. In this way, they are able to stand out when compared to Artificial Intelligence applications and programs.

stuttering problems

Unfortunately, people with this disorder end up being affected in a negative way. As a result, they may develop low self-esteem and anxiety, especially when asked to speak in public. At the same time, Torrey Loucks, former director of research at the Institute for Stuttering Treatment and Research (ISTAR), says that improving these people’s speech improves their personal image, as well as showing that these individuals are effective communicators.

A little more about social robots

Robots excel in tasks that are repetitive and can be programmable and adaptable to the specifics of each patient. In addition, research reports that individuals prefer social robots, as technologies such as tablets and smartphones are not as fun and interactive.

It is important to point out that robots will not replace doctors and speech therapists, unlike what many think. That is, they will only add to the quality of treatment by supporting the need for a longer time of exercises, helping and reaching a greater number of people.

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