‘Secret Invasion’ Will Focus on Maria Hill, Says Cobie Smulders

Recently, there was the disclosure of a great novelty, which concerns the participation of the character of Maria Hill in “Secret Invasion”. The character is played by Cobie Smulders, the same actress who appeared in “How I Met Your Mother” and recently was also in “Spider-Man: Far From Home”, released in 2019.

However, the actress has released some information regarding the direction we will see the series take and, according to Cobie Smulders, the new series will delve even further into her character.

This revelation eventually came to light during an interview with TV Line in which Cobie Smulders participated. According to what she said, the good thing about working on Marvel series on Disney+ is the fact that there’s a chance to explore every aspect of the characters that are participating in the plot.

Check out an excerpt from the interview below:

“It has the most depth I’ve ever been able to show with Maria Hill. That’s the beauty of these shows that Marvel is doing, you really get to tell the story behind these characters. What are the conversations they have when they’re just sitting around drinking coffee? It’s not like, ‘We have to catch the bad guys! We have to do such a thing! We have to save the world again!’ It’s more ‘let’s talk, go for a walk’. We get to see more of those moments and get more intimate with them.”

Cobie Smulders was also thrilled with the return of Samuel L. Jackson, who is responsible for bringing Nick Fury’s character to life. In addition, the new series will address some productions that belong to Marvel.

“I am excited.” commented the actress. “It looks so good and has a very different tone to what I’ve seen [no MCU]. I mean, having Sam in anything is exciting to watch.”continued Smulders. “But I think it puts his character on a really interesting journey that I’ve always wanted to see.”

The production entitled “Secret Invasion” is a series based on the comics of the same name, where we see Nick Fury teaming up with Skrull Talos, Ben Mendelsohn’s character, to find a way to deal with an alien invasion.

According to Marvel, the series will have a total of six episodes and is scheduled to hit the Disney+ catalog between March and May of next year.

So, are you looking forward to checking it out too? Tell us in the comments below!

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