The world’s most famous doll has always had a name but hardly anyone knows it

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The doll Barbie has been on the market for decades, being a hit with children and adults all over the world. Many people have grown receiving them as a gift and watching her movies and cartoons, what few know, however, is that she has a full and meaningful name!

According to the website ThoughtCothe doll’s name is Barbara Millicent Roberts, with “Barbie” being an abbreviation of the first name. She received it in honor of her daughter. Ruth Handler, its creator. The woman had the idea to produce Barbie after realizing the interest her daughter, Barbarian, had in toys that emulated the adult appearance.

Ruth was wife of Elliot Randlerco-founder of Mattel and later on, she was invited to assume the post of president of the company. When a male figure was added to the “Barbie” toy line, he was named after another of the couple’s children, Kennethand became the Ken.

Ruth Handler, creator of Barbie.

Barbie was named after the daughter of Ruth Handler, her creator, Barbara.

Barbie it was a tremendous success that crossed generations in the following decades, remaining in high demand until the present day. The doll has such a strong appeal to the public that a version live action of their stories is being produced with the actress Margot Robbie bringing the doll to life.

the movie of Barbie It is scheduled for release in 2023.

But and you? Did you know Barbie’s full name? Share with us in the comments!

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