Understand all the details of the series finale. (According to the leading actress)

who watched echoes may have found the ending of the twins switching places a bit confusing. If you also felt that way, in this article we explain all the points of the end of the season, including comments from Michelle Monaghaninterpreter of Ginny and Leni.

Launched on Friday, August 19, echoes became the 5th most watched English-language series on Netflix between August 15th and 21st, reaching more than 25 million hours of viewing, according to the platform’s global ranking.

The success is due both to its suspenseful premise and to its cast, which by itself, draws the public’s attention.

With many secrets and twists, echoes worked with a lot of information throughout its 7 episodes, and even explaining most of the twins’ plot, it is certain that some things were left without a very concrete closure.

About this, check out the explanation of the main points of the end of the 1st season of echoes and clarify any doubts.

WARNING, several season 1 spoilers in the following threads!

Because Ginny wanted to run away from Leni?

Over the episodes, echoes can really get confusing, however, from the middle to the end, it is possible to better understand the motivations behind the relationship and attitudes of Ginny and Leni.

Since early Ginny took the blame for her sister, including the fall that made her Claudia (Ali Stroker) forever needed a wheelchair.

Leni was also to blame for Ginny have left your teenage love, Dylan (Jonathan Tucker), backwards, since after setting fire to the church and causing the death of the man who slept there, Leni convinced Ginny that it was to blame Dylan.

the apex for Ginny deciding to run away from her sister forever, however, was to discover that her husband Charlie (Daniel Sunjata) I always knew that the two of them traded places, and that her sister Leni had written a book on abortion that Ginny had suffered years ago while passing through her.

These findings were understood by Ginny as a major betrayal, and after getting back in touch with Dylan and become pregnant with him, she decided to walk away forever because she finally understood that Leni always manipulated your life.

Ginny died at the end of Echoes?

Leni chases her sister through the woods as she is running away from her after the fire at their childhood home, and finally reveals to her Ginny who saw her father drown her mother when they were children, a fact that shaped her attitudes towards her sister in the years that followed.

that’s where Ginny the manipulative sister tells that the father “killed” the mother at her own request, since sick, the woman wanted to die on her own terms.

right after that, Ginny refuses to return to his life beside Leni and jumps off the cliff into the waterfall.

Everything suggests that she died in the fall, however, later when she is at the airport fleeing the police, Leni discovers that a woman “very similar” to her has boarded a flight, which indicates that Ginny survived and fled.

Who appeared in the reading of the book of Charlie at the end?

And now, the biggest question of the season one finale is, after all, which of the sisters showed up at the bookstore while Charlie released his book.

Michelle Monaghan decided to be nice to the public, and made the big reveal in a recent interview he gave to the The Wrap.

According to her, both twins appear at the end of the story.

Gina is at the book reading. (And when asked about the twin in the house with Charlie) I think it’s Leni,” the actress replied.

The series producer, Brian Yorkey confirmed in the same interview the two statements of Monaghanrevealing that for the sake of the actress and the production, they decided that Ginny would be in the bookstore and Leni with Charlie in the end, probably as a way of reassuring the fact that Ginny survived the fall.

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And then, managed to understand all the details of the end of the first season of echoes, or is there still any doubt? If so, share it with us in the comments and we’ll try to clarify for you!

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