What is known about tragedy that killed 146 people on Halloween in South Korea

  • By Woongbee Lee in Seoul & Merlyn Thomas in London
  • BBC News

Emergency services carrying person on stretcher

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Social media messages posted earlier in the evening show some people commenting that the Itaewon area was so crowded it appeared to be unsafe.

More than 140 people died during a crowd at a Halloween celebration on the streets of Seoul, South Korea, on Saturday (29/10), according to local authorities.

The death toll has jumped from 59 to 146 in recent hours, with local media reports of more than 100 injured.

Video taken at the scene shows rescuers performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation, or CPR, and rescue workers trying to pull people trapped in the crowd. Some images also show bodies on the streets.

It is still unclear what caused the incident. But according to local authorities, the tragedy occurred in an elevated area, from where some people fell, causing a huge crush.

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