WhatsApp underwent a change that was ignored by users; see which

Applications are constantly undergoing changes and updates that are so minimalistic that they may not even be noticed by users. These are small adjustments to improve people’s experience and to meet new needs. WhatsApp made the change, but few users noticed the change. See what’s different.

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It’s hard to keep up with so many news, so you probably also hadn’t noticed until now that WhatsApp has changed something in the last few weeks. Don’t think you’re a little observant! We’ve already said that these are really subtle changes, so it’s not so simple to notice all the improvements. We’ll clear things up.

Change in WhatsApp

There is no denying that the application has demanding users who demand new features and functionality that meet their diverse needs. The Meta group is attentive to requests and seeks to respond to requests very quickly. WhatsApp has undergone a change in lyrics. In case you hadn’t noticed, the letters in the box descriptions were all capital letters. For example: “CONVERSIONS”, “STATUS” and “FILED”.

But after the change – especially in the beta version – users will come across the lowercase characters. In other words, the previous example will convert to “Conversations”, “Status” and “Archived”. It’s a more minimalist style compared to the previous ones, isn’t it? It pleases the eyes of many, even.

As much as the design has changed little since it was launched, the identity is important to generate comfort in using the interface. O Whatsapp has promoted the news in search of a more sophisticated look.

It is more difficult to notice changes such as those in the lyrics, as these are little announced. Typically when it comes to major changes, the team releases the changes to prepare users. But when it comes to low-impact changes, the messaging app doesn’t give the same publicity. That’s why few were aware of it!

You can check on your profile if there has been any repairs, noting the format of the letters present in the descriptions. If you haven’t noticed anything, you may need to update your tool or simply wait for the change to come in the next few weeks.

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