With electrical problems, Pérez sees quali as ‘total mess’

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Sergio Perez called the classification for the race of formula 1 at home in Mexico from “a total mess” after an electrical problem with his car compromised him during the session.

The driver was left with no information on his dashboard, including lap times, and in the end he was relieved to recover to claim fourth on the grid for Sunday’s race.

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The electrical issue also created a DRS issue that left him seventh in Q1, although that issue was fixed in later sessions.

He then went through Q2 in fifth place before improving by a point towards the end of qualifying.

“It was a mess, a total mess,” he said of qualifying. “We had an electrical problem from the start, but if I look back on my qualifying, I almost got knocked out in Q1, almost in Q2, I had no reference to progress, I had no lap times.

“Sometimes I couldn’t figure out where I was with my brake balance either. So it was a total mess, but in the end I don’t think P4 was the worst part, but I think we certainly could have been a lot better.”

Asked by Motorsport.com about his Q1 DRS issue, Pérez said: “It was all to do with the electrical issue we had during qualifying.

“Basically I didn’t have any reference with lap times and so on. The DRS came back, the only thing that didn’t come back was my electricals. They’re confident they can work it out for the race.”

Sergio Perez, Red Bull Racing

Sergio Perez, Red Bull Racing

Photo by: Mark Sutton / Motorsport Images

Pérez admitted that it was particularly painful to endure such a difficult session at his home event.

“Obviously if there’s one qualifying you want to have everything perfect, it’s this one, especially considering how close we were to pole, I think we certainly would have progressed a lot more than we did,” he said.

But Pérez acknowledged that he could use the traditional vacuum to gain ground on the first lap.

“I think there are a lot of things we can do for tomorrow, so we’re going to try our best,” he added.

“Tomorrow I just want to win and I’ll do my best in Turn 1 and see what happens.”

Asked if it will be aggressive, he said: “Yes. Especially in Turn 1. Because after that it can be a little chaotic.”

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