Anderson Silva loses boxing match to YouTuber Jake Paul with late knockdown

the brazilian Anderson Silvaknown as spiderfaced on Saturday night, the American youtuber and now boxer Jake Paul and lost the fight by unanimous decision of the judges (77-74, 78-73 and 78-73) in a fight that took place in the United States.

In a very balanced challenge, the 25-year-old American got a Knockdown in the last round. Jake Paul now has six wins from six matches while Anderson Silva, 47, lost for the second time in five duels. Happy with the result, Jake Paul didn’t hide his admiration for Spider. “Anderson is my idol. It’s very tough, a legend”, said the fighter who took advantage of the feat to challenge more fighters. “Nate Diaz, stop being a wimp and come fight me. Canelo (Alvarez), you too.”

After the defeat, Anderson Silva talked about his challenger and accepted the adverse result naturally. “Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, but nothing changes, I’ll keep training hard. I thank God for the opportunity, thank you my friends, family and coaches for the support. I think the judges did well. It’s tough to fight a much younger guy, I tried to do my best, but Jake was better than me. Everyone has to respect this kid,” he concluded.

Brazilian Anderson Silva faced youtuber Jake Paul on Saturday night, 29.
Brazilian Anderson Silva faced youtuber Jake Paul on Saturday night, 29. Photograph: ETIENNE LAURENT/EFE/EPA

In the fight, Paul started aggressively, but Anderson showed a good dodge and got rid of most of the attacks in the first round. On the way back to the second round, Spider dominated the center of the ring and managed to corner the youtuber.

Anderson dominated the fight in the third round, but went on to face the more intense aggression of his rival. Paul landed a stronger blow and caused the Brazilian’s nose to bleed.

In the final round, Paul came back with stronger streaks and connected close range punches. The fight ended up in an open exchange at the end and, with a precise right, the youtuber took Anderson to Knockdown. The referee came to open the count, but Spider got up. At the end of the fight, the victory came with the unanimous decision of the judges.

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