Botafogo enters the Top 10 of the most valuable in Brazil and is second in Rio; see ranking

Close to confirming another title of the Brasileirão, the palm trees boasts an expressive mark among the main clubs of national football. According to a Transfermarkt survey, Verdão leads the ranking of the most valuable Brazilian teams.

According to the survey, the alviverde team is valued at 175.20 million euros (R$924 million at the current price). Palmeiras has good numbers not only on the national scene, but also in the world ranking, occupying the 61st place among the most valuable in the world.

Second on the list, among Brazilians, is the current Libertadores champion, Flamengo. Rubro-Negro, with 149.25 million (R$ 787 million), still ranks 66th among all clubs in the world. Atlético-MG (R$ 640 million) and Corinthians (R$ 542 million) complete the list of the four best ranked.

These are the only Brazilian clubs present among the 100 most valuable in the world. The list that contains only national football teams follows with Bragantino, in fifth, Sao Paulosixth, and the saintsin seventh.

O Botafogo, recently acquired by American businessman John Textor, is eighth on the list. America’s Runner-up Atletico-PR occupies the ninth position, followed by Internationalin the tenth.

The top of the world list has the main European teams and is led by Manchester City, valued at 1.06 billion euros (about R$ 5.5 billion). The top ten still include Liverpool, PSG, Bayern, Chelsea, Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Manchester United, Tottenham and Arsenal, respectively.

Check out the top 10 of the most valuable Brazilian clubs below:

1 (61st) – Palmeiras – 175.20 million euros (R$ 924 million)

2 (66th) – Flamengo – 149.25 million euros (R$ 787 million)

3 (80th) – Atlético-MG – 121.35 million euros (R$ 640 million)

4 (92nd) – Corinthians – 102.90 million euros (R$ 542 million)

5 – Red Bull Bragantino – 86.15 million euros (R$ 454 million)

6 – São Paulo – 81.85 million euros (R$ 431 million)

7 – Santos – 74.60 million euros (R$ 393 million)

8 – Botafogo – 74.50 million euros (R$ 392 million)

9 – Athletico-PR – 72.35 million euros (R$ 381 million)

10 – International – 63.75 million euros (R$ 336 million)

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