Brazilian model escapes for minutes of turmoil

A Brazilian woman said she escaped the tragedy with a crushed crowd in Seoul during Halloween celebrations, minutes before the incident. She explained that she decided to leave the area of ​​the incident because she was scared of the overcrowding. At least 153 victims died and another 150 were injured.

Rebecca Câmara, 25, told the newspaper O Estado de S. Paulo that she suggested to her friends that they change sidewalks in the Itaewon neighborhood, which prevented the women from being trapped in the narrow street, where hundreds of people were trampled and pressed against each other. the others.

“I asked us to stay on the opposite sidewalk because it was too crowded and we wouldn’t be able to get out, or walk straight,” said the Brazilian, who works as a model in South Korea, to the São Paulo newspaper.

“If we had crossed 20 minutes earlier, as the girls wanted, we would have been in the crowd and God knows what could have happened,” she said, explaining that, after leaving the crowd, she and her friends decided to walk in the opposite direction. to the scene of the tragedy.

Shortly after, they began to observe the large number of ambulances, police cars and fire engines.

Rebecca says that the Korean neighborhood’s Halloween party is very popular and usually attracts crowds walking in the same direction, as seen on Saturday (29), when a confusion of unknown origin started the tragedy.

“People are being pushed around. It’s like a carnival block”, says the model, who highlighted that the participants of the celebration tend to gather in narrow streets.

The celebration marked the first street Halloween in South Korea since the Covid-19 pandemic began in 2020. Most victims of the riot are teenagers and adults in their 20s, according to local media.

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