British man captures baby-sized mouse in his garden

A man has found a mouse whose size has been compared to that of a human baby in the garden of his home in Blackburn, UK.

The discovery, made yesterday, came as a shock to Derek Blamire, 82, who has been battling rats on his property for a long time, according to the British newspaper Daily Star. The retiree claimed to have already captured several rodents.

“I’ve lived here for about seven years and I’ve caught over 50 rats. Sometimes I poison them or catch them in a trap. If they keep coming, I’ll keep catching them. I won’t give up,” Blamire promised.

However, the owner of the property did not expect to find a mouse that reached approximately 46 cm in length – a human baby is born, on average, at 48 cm. In an image shared on social media, Derek appears holding the huge mouse with a garbage collector, trapping its neck.

The animal’s measurements left its neighbors impressed. Some compared the size of the mouse to that of a dog, while others claimed that the length was equivalent to that of a baby.

Derek Blamire believes that rats appear frequently because they must inhabit the vacant lots near his property. They are attracted to the food you leave for birds in the garden. Despite this, the English used this situation to their advantage to catch the invaders.

“I feed the birds that appear daily in the garden and, obviously, the mice will appear too. They reproduce very fast, there are the small ones, which are young, and the older ones. The young are very easy to catch, but the most old people are very smart, they don’t fall into the trap easily and they don’t eat the poison. Even so, I was lucky to catch one”.

For his strategy to work, he temporarily stops feeding the birds, so that the mice are hungry and tempted to take a risk with the trap.

“I stop feeding the birds for a week so the mice are a little hungry, so it’s easier to catch them,” he said. “I haven’t seen any for a few days, but they will come back. They might disappear for a few weeks and then all of a sudden they come back.”

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