Disney in Shanghai closes doors and retains visitors for covid tests

Shanghai Disney Resort, a complex that includes the amusement park, abruptly suspended operations today to comply with Covid-19 prevention measures. Visitors who were in the park at the time of the announcement were told to stay in the park until they tested negative for the virus.

The resort announced the immediate closure of the main theme park and surrounding areas, including its shopping street, until further notice to comply with restrictions imposed by Covid-19. The organization had reported on Saturday that it had begun operating with a reduced workforce to comply with the measures. Shanghai reported 10 locally transmitted cases on Oct 30, in people without symptoms.

The Shanghai government said on its official WeChat account that the park was preventing people from entering or leaving and that all visitors would need to wait for their test results before they could leave the establishments.

In addition, anyone who has visited the park since October 27 would need to be tested three times in three days, according to the government.

According to CNN, the park continues to operate rides for visitors stranded in the park today, during closure.

At Shanghai Disney Resort, the spokesperson said the resort was still working with “limited offers” and that it was following measures as per guidelines from Chinese health authorities.

The closure marks the latest disruption to activities at the Disney Resort, which was closed for more than three months during the Shanghai lockdown earlier this year.

The park was also closed for two days in November last year, with more than 30,000 visitors stranded after authorities ordered everyone to be tested in a contact tracing operation.

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