Ecuadorian reporter who suffered harassment takes interruption as a joke

Pilar Vera, the Ecuadorian reporter who was harassed by a Flamengo fan during coverage of the Libertadores da América final, said she was calm about what happened last Friday night in Guayaquil, Ecuador.

in conversation with splash, the journalist said she took the Brazilian’s attitude as a joke from someone who was happy. “It was totally a joke, I got it that way.”

Pilar was doing a report when she was interrupted by a man wearing a Flamengo shirt. He began to disturb the journalist, who tried to flee from the approach. The fan put his arm around the journalist’s neck and began to ask her to marry him.

“We were very happy and it was just a joke,” said Pilar, who is a social media reporter for the Ecuadorian city’s municipal tourism company.

“It was a pleasure for us [equatorianos] to be hosts of Brazilians. Nothing else happened. On the contrary, I was happy with the visit of the fans from Brazil.”

When asked about the negative repercussion that the event generated, she showed that she was not aware of the harassment discussion and asked the report about what was being said.

“It’s all right,” he concluded.

In her social networks, Pilar Vera published about what happened and commented with good humor about what happened. “They were the most eternal seconds and I said: swallow me earth”, wrote the journalist who, even taking it as a joke, showed that she was scared when the flamenguist approached her.

In September of this year, a Flamengo fan was arrested for harassing ESPN reporter Jessica Dias. During a report on the Libertadores semifinals in Argentina, the man kissed the journalist’s face without permission.

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