Elon Musk ends Twitter board and becomes sole director

O twitter board of directorsresponsible for overseeing the activities of the social network, was dissolved shortly after the confirmation of the sale to Elon Musk. The information appears in documents related to the operation, released this Monday (31).

As reported by CNN, all previous board members were removed from their positions as soon as the transaction took place on Thursday (27). Among them are the co-creator of Google Maps and current CEO of Salesforce, Bret Taylorwho presided over the group, and the former CEO of the platform, Parag Agrawalfired from the company.

Also according to a report by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the new owner of the microblog has decided to become the Twitter’s sole director, taking full control of the company. The measure was already expected by the market, given the criticism made to the former direction of the social network on several occasions.

At the moment, Musk is solely responsible for making all decisions about Twitter.At the moment, Musk is solely responsible for making all decisions about Twitter.Source: Wikimedia Commons

Elon Musk was even named a member of Twitter’s board of directors in April after acquiring 9.2% of the company’s shares. However, the now owner of the social network chose not to join the group on that occasion.

Changes to content moderation

O end of twitter board of directors reinforces the possibility of changes in microblog content moderation, defended by the billionaire. In a tweet published on Friday (28), the businessman revealed his desire to form a new group to define the platform’s use policies.

This new moderation board should include people with “widely diverse viewpoints,” as Musk stated in the post. He also commented that no major changes related to the rules of the social network should be implemented until the group meets.

These possible changes to Twitter’s content policies may result in the return of users temporarily suspended or banned from the microblog for violating the rules. One of them is the former US president. Donald Trumpwhich celebrated the sale of the company to Musk.

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