Five movies to see this Halloween

Proposals to watch at home, on various streaming platforms.

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Proposals to watch at home, on various streaming platforms.

A selection of films from the Luxemburger Wort newsroom that will give you a good dose of horror and fun. On the big screen, horror fans currently have movies like “Smile” and “Halloween Ends” available. But streaming platforms also offer classics and more recent productions of the genre. Fragile hearts, please don’t.

“Happy Death Day 2” (Amazon Prime Video)

Everyone knows the movie “Groundhog Day”. “Happy Death Day” from 2017 tells the story of the misadventures of Tree, a college student. After waking up hungover in a stranger’s bed after a night of drinking, a cliché-ridden college day ends in bloodshed by a masked killer. At least that’s what it looks like, because Tree wakes up again with a hangover in a stranger’s room and has to face her killer again.

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The filmmakers worked out the details. If “Happy Death Day 2” doesn’t reinvent the loop time, adds some new impulses to the genre without taking them too seriously. But it still could have used a little more blood and a less predictable ending.

“Old People” (Netflix)

The reverberating wedding music that pours through the windows of the dilapidated retirement home in “Saalheim” on a mild summer night is expressed in a carefree attitude that will prove fatal to the youngsters of the horror film “Old People” (2022). The hatred of a forgotten generation lies dormant in the nursing home in a remote village on the East German coast, where Ella attends her sister’s wedding with their children.

In director Andy Fetscher’s social critique turned into reality, loneliness is indeed, in an exaggerated way, the “old man’s pay” – and the result of a social system that is collapsing in on itself.

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Under-occupied homes are turning into museums filled with dust and wax dolls, in which the elderly languish as apathetic accessories and brain-dead. The downfall of youth, who despised their elders, leads to a bloody revolt of the elderly. Rapid demographic changes thus degenerate into a worldwide generation gap. In “Old People”, the boundaries between social criticism and horror are blurred to make way for a terrifying tragedy that shows the public the true problems of the German healthcare system with the bloody horror of the zombies.

“A Quiet Place” (Amazon Prime Video)

The fundamental question of John Krasinski’s film, simultaneously director, co-writer and main actor, is: what if humanity were no longer allowed to make any sound to escape certain exterminations? It’s precisely because sound – or its absence in this case – plays such a central role that makes the cinematic experience so impressive.

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The film, which centers on a family that hides on a farm and tries to survive, reverses the usual basic premises in the viewers’ minds. The script sparks a desire to participate in the experience, further reinforced by the cast, including Krasinski’s wife, Emily Blunt. And every noise in the deep silence suddenly brings on the portent of a terrible moment.

“The Nightmare Before Christmas” (Disney+)

Classic director Tim Burton’s 1993 film was enthusiastically received by children and adults alike when it was released in theaters nearly 30 years ago. But even today, the public remains divided over one specific question: is this a Christmas movie or a Halloween movie?

This cinematic (im)balance between Halloween and Christmas is also illustrated by the music of the film, by Danny Elfman, with allusions to both seasons.

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“The Nightmare Before Christmas” is without a doubt the best hybrid Halloween-Christmas movie one could wish for.

Various activities to celebrate Halloween in Luxembourg between Sunday and Monday.

“Fear Street” (Netflix)

About to do a horror marathon? In that case, the film adaptation of the terrifying children’s book series “Fear Street” by American writer RL Stine might be the right bet. The 2021 film of the same name, directed by Leigh Janiak, not only convinces with its retro charm and a host of murderous elements and abrupt and unforeseen changes, it is also a kind of homage to the horror genre.

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References to “Scream”, “Friday the 13th”, “Halloween” or “A Nightmare on Elm Street” make fans of the genre’s hearts beat faster. The story of the small town of Shadyside, hit by a series of murders, is told step by step in three successive films on the streaming platform.

The case is bloody. And if you pay attention, you’ll even discover a copy or two of the “Fear Street” trilogy books in the movies.

(Article originally published on Luxemburger Wort. Translated and adapted for Contact by Catarina Osório.)

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