flamengo harass reporter in Guayaquil

Flamengo fan harasses reporter in Guayaquil

Flamengo fan harasses reporter in Guayaquil

A Flamengo fan harassed an Ecuadorian reporter last Friday night (28), the eve of the Copa Libertadores final, which will be played in Guayaquil, Ecuador.

A video circulating on social media shows the professional making a live link to a television station about the city’s climate to receive the event.

Suddenly, a flamengoist approaches the reporter and asks several times, in an invasive way, if she wants to “marry” him. The woman tries to dodge the man’s action and asks a question about the city’s welcome to the fans.

The young man, drunk, continues to insist on the questions while the professional tries to get away to continue the coverage of the event. The flamenguist goes after her and at one point it is possible to see the hand of another person trying to hold the man.

Harassment of Brazilian reporter at maracanã

ESPN’s Jessica Dias was harassed outside the Maracanã on September 7 this year. She was covering the match between Flamengo and Vélez.

At the time, Marcelo Benevides Silva tried to kiss Dias while she performed a live entry about the weather outside the stadium. The man was charged with sexual harassment.

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