‘Harry Potter’: Emma Watson was bullied by Tom Felton on set

“Harry Potter” was a great milestone for cinema and made it possible for an entire generation to grow up with the group of actors who played wizards in the magical world of the franchise. But the public didn’t know what happened behind the scenes of the films. Tom Felton revealed in his new autobiography, entitled “Beyond the Wand: The Magic and Mayhem of Growing Up a Wizard”, that life imitated art and the interpreter of Draco Malfoy and her classmates who played the roles of Slytherin students bullied Emma Watson, our eternal Hermione Granger.

In the book, the star said that he and his colleagues, Jamie waylett (Vincent Crabbe) and Josh Herdman (Gregory Goyl), formed a different group from that made up of Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter), Rupert Grint (Ron Weasley) and Emma. As much as they weren’t enemies, there were still differences in their creations and tastes.

Tom Felton and Colleague Laughed at Emma Watson’s Dance Show

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“I suppose we were a little cooler,” wrote Tom in his autobiography. “We spent our free time together listening to rap – Wu-Tang, biggie, 2Pac – so when Josh and I learned that nine-year-old Emma had put on a little dance show in her dressing room and wanted to perform it for us during lunch break, we were scornful.”

“We had a good laugh up until Emma’s show and the laughter got louder as she danced. We were just being silly kids, largely out of embarrassment and because we thought making fun of it was cool, but Emma was visibly upset by our impulsive reaction. a bit of an asshole, and rightfully so.”

Emma Watson faced the biggest challenges, explains Tom Felton

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The actor also reports that he apologized to his co-star after the incident and she forgave him. In the book, Tom reflects that Emma is the “Harry Potter” actress who has probably had to deal with the biggest challenges, due to the fact that she was so quickly thrust into the spotlight, being the only female lead among so many boys.

“Emma was never able to have a normal childhood. She was treated like an adult, in many ways, from the day she was cast in the role. It’s a phenomenon that can, I believe, be harder on girls than boys. They are unfairly sexualized in the media and beyond,” he explains. “The last thing she needed, in an environment that was supposed to be-and usually was-safe, friendly and familiar, was Josh and me laughing at her dancing.”

“That’s why I feel embarrassed by the memory of our behavior. And that’s why I’m glad that our friendship didn’t end because of my insensitivity, but became something deeper”, he concludes.

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