Hideo Kojima gives yet another mysterious teaser of his new game

The legendary creator of Metal Gear Solid and Death Stranding, Hideo Kojima, continues to give clues to his next work. But the latest preview is even more mysterious than the other two previously released.

On his Twitter profile, the designer posted a new image that only shows what a symbol looks like, although it’s not at all clear what it’s supposed to represent.

The caption doesn’t give much away either, saying only “From ‘WHERE’ to ‘HOW'”, which reveals that this is indeed a sequel to the series of teasers he has been posting on social media over the past few weeks.

The new tip is curious, as it is quite different from the other two. Both “WHERE”, which was the second, and “WHO”, the first, showed the silhouette of a woman, who was revealed to be actress Elle Fanning.

It is still unclear what this new game will be about. Rumors indicate that of the possibilities is that it is about Death Stranding 2while others suggest that it is a title called overdose. Who knows the answer won’t be revealed soon, with another confusing clue.

Recently, Hideo Kojima talked about one of his new projects, stating that it will be “like a new media” and that it should change the landscape of the game industry and the movie industry.

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