How is the cast of the soap opera Força de Um Desire today?

Back on Viva, the telenovela Força de Um Desire was shown at the end of the 90s on Globo. The plot is guided by the romance between Inácio and Ester, played by Fábio Assunção and Malu Mader. Other names in the main cast are Selton Mello, Reginaldo Faria, Sônia Braga and more. Check out how they are today.

Malu Mader, Esther: the novel Força de Um Desire

Malu Mader played the protagonist Ester, owner of the most famous brothel in the Court. She is disputed by Baron Henrique Sobral (Reginaldo Faria) and by Inácio (Fábio Assunção), his son, with whom she starts a romance.

Today, the 56-year-old actress has been missing from television since 2018. Her last work on the small screen was in 2018, when she made a brief appearance in Malhação: Vidas Brasileiras. In the same year, she was dismissed from Globo and began to dedicate herself to work as a director.

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bad 1 1
Malu mader before and after – photo: reproduction/rede globo

Selton Mello, the Abelard

Abelardo is the result of a betrayal between Helena (Sônia Braga) and Higino (Paulo Betti), but he was raised by Baron Henrique Sobral (Reginaldo Faria). He is in love with Alice (Lavínia Vlasak), but she is interested in Inácio, the boy’s half-brother.

At 49, he continues to work as an actor. His last TV role was this year, when he played Dom Pedro II in Nos Tempos do Imperador. He was also one of the highlights of the Netflix series The Mechanism between 2018 and 2019.

Selton 1 1
Selton mello before and after – photo: reproduction/rede globo

Reginaldo Faria, Henrique: telenovela Força de Um Desire

Reginaldo Faria played Baron Henrique Sobral who, despite having liberal tendencies at the time, treated his wife roughly and kept her locked up at home for years after discovering a betrayal.

Today, the actor is 85 years old. He was on the air recently as Aníbal in Um Lugar ao Sol, Globo’s 9 pm serial. Previously, he acted in Mirror of Life (2018).

Reginaldo 1
Reginaldo would do before and after – photo: reproduction/rede globo

Sonia Braga, Helena

Sônia Braga was Helena, the wife of the Baron who betrayed him with Higino. After her husband found out about it, he kept her locked up in the house for years. She ends up with fragile health and dies at the beginning of the plot.

At 72 years old, Sônia Braga is one of the most acclaimed Brazilian actresses in television and theater. She is also missing from the Brazilian screens-on TV, her last work was in 2011 when she was in Tapas e Beijos. After that, she participated in international productions, including the series Royal Pains (2014), Warehouse 13 (2013) and Marvel’s Luke Cage (2016).

In cinema, he was successful in the acclaimed Brazilian film Bacurau, in 2019. His next work will be in the feature film Shotgun Wedding, still without a premiere date.

Sonia Berry 1
Sônia Braga in the soap opera and currently – photo: reproduction/rede globo

Fábio Assunção, the Inácio: telenovela Força de Um Desire

Fábio Assunção was Inácio, a boy who disputes Ester’s love with his own father. The boy disagrees with the way the baron treats his mother and decides to leave the house for that reason.

He is currently 51 years old. Anyone who wants to follow the actor can watch him in Todas as Flores, a soap opera released in October this year on Globoplay. He has also been on the series Under Pressure and Desalma recently. In recent years, he has fought a long battle with drug and alcohol addiction.

fabio 1
Fábio assunção before and after – photo: reproduction/globo/@fabioassuncaooficial

Natalia Timberg, Idalina

Idalina is Helena’s mother and dreams of marrying one of her grandchildren Inácio and Abelardo to Alice (Lavínia Vlasak) out of pure interest, believing that she would be able to recover the family’s heritage.

Today, she is 93 years old and has not appeared on television for two years. Her last roles were in 2019, when she was in the series Sessão de Terapia and in the soap opera A Dona do Pedaço.

Natalia 1
Nathalia timberg in the soap opera and now – photo: reproduction/rede globo/@nathalia_timberg

Dira Paes, the Palmyra: the novel Força de Um Desire

The young and humble girl is Baron Henrique’s lover, but is abandoned by him when the powerful man meets Esther. Throughout the plot, she also gets involved with Vitório (Antônio Grassi).

Dira was on the air for a short time on television playing Filó in the 9 pm hit, Pantanal. Before, she was on Globoplay’s series As Five and on the soap opera Verão 90.

say 1
Dira paes before and after – photo: reproduction/rede globo/@dirapaes

Paulo Betti, the Hyginus

Not only is Higino one of Baron Henrique’s rivals, he was Helena’s lover and Abelardo’s father. Despite being married to Bárbara (Denise Del Vecchio), he develops an obsession with the slave Olívia (Cláudia Abreu).

Today, he is 70 years old. He was recently in the telenovela Além da Illusion, at 6 pm, in the role of Constantino, which ended this year.

Paul 2 1
Paulo betti before and after – photo: reproduction/rede globo/@paulobetti

Denise Del Vecchio, the Barbara: novel Force of a Desire

Barbara is a wife totally submissive to her husband, Higino. She is Alice’s (Lavinia Vlasak) mother and spoils the girl very much. At the end of the novel, she will be blamed for three deaths that happened throughout the plot.

The 68-year-old actress is still working as an actress. His most recent work is the series Chuva Negra, on Canal Brasil.

Denise 1 1
Denise del vecchio before and after – photo: reproduction/globo/@dedelvecchio

Lavinia Vlasak, Alice: The Force of a Desire novel

Lavinia even seems to be a good girl, but ends up showing her true character to get what she wants so much: marry Inácio. For this, she deceives even Abelard.

The actress is now 46 years old and has not appeared on television for a long time. Her last work was in 2019, when she was in the soap opera Bom Sucesso.

Lavinia 1
Lavinia vlasak before and after – photo: reproduction/network globe

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