If you use a NUBANK card, you can receive BRL 1,500 in your account; know how this is possible

Nubank is one of the largest digital banks that exists today in Brazil. Thus, adding up the number of customers between Brazil, Mexico and Colombia, fintech markets, there are more than 65 million. In Brazil alone, fintech has around 64.8 million customers, which is enough to guarantee the fifth largest financial institution in the country, taking into account the customer criterion.

One of the reasons that explain the popularity of fintech is that from time to time it releases news.

In addition, Nubank came up with a speech to reduce bureaucracy in various financial relationships and also has a credit card with no annual fee. These factors may be responsible for the rapid growth of the digital band, which started its activities in 2014.

In this way, the Nubank card has yet another promotion that customers can take advantage of. It concerns the possibility of receiving up to R$ 1,500 in cashback. See more below.

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Nubank card has cashback offer

Customers who use the Nubank card can count on the novelty of cashback. The new promotion may include those who make purchases over the Internet using the card as a form of payment.

The fintech offers cashback of up to BRL 1,500 per month to people who make purchases on Shopee using the Nubank card as a way to pay. The cashback deposit takes place in the customer’s own account within a period of up to 90 days.

In this way, the person can use the money in the way they prefer. It can be used for transfers, to make more purchases or to withdraw. It is important to note that there is no deadline for the money to expire.

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How to participate?

Those interested in participating can access the Nubank application and activate the promotion. Then, just access the Shopee commerce platform and purchase an item. Thus, part of the total amount will be returned to the buyer.

The first step, as said, is to access the Nubank app and tap on the “Shopping” option. Next, you need to look for the Shopee promotion option. When you find it, you can read all the information regarding this offer.

If you are in agreement with the terms, simply proceed by clicking to “activate cashback”. By doing this, the customer will be redirected to the store. With this, the cashback is already activated and the purchase can be made.

However, it is worth noting that for the cashback to remain valid, it is necessary for the interested party to initiate and complete the purchase in the same session. In other words, when following the steps above and being redirected to the platform, there must be a checkout.

It is necessary to be aware that if the session ends or if the person opens a new tab, for example, the purchase will not count towards the cashback. Another issue is that there must be an interval between one transaction or another, of at least one hour, so that the cashback can be activated.

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