Lancôme launches Idôle L’Eau de Parfum Nectar, the brand’s first neo-gourmand fragrance

Sao Paulo, November 2022 – A success since its creation in 2019, Idôle has become an icon among women and is considered one of the fragrances that are rewriting the rules of perfumery. Following the launch of Idôle Le Parfum, Idôle L’Intense and Idôle Aura, the French luxury beauty brand Lancome it presents Idole L’Eau de Parfum Nectar, its first fragrance from the neo-gourmand olfactory family. Made in a bottle with a holographic design made of recyclable glass, the novelty brings a composition of refreshing floral nectar with sustainably sourced ingredients, such as centifolia rose grown at Le Domaine de la Rose by Lancôme, in Grasse, France, the rose from Isparta, sustainably sourced from Turkey and vanilla from Madagascar

The line co-created with brand ambassador Zendaya Coleman represents the image of the idol that exists within each woman, that is, a better version of herself that yearns to be recognized. Idole L’Eau de Parfum Nectar reveals the self-confidence and power of the woman who seeks change and makes it happen. From the woman who proved her worth and inspired a powerful community of women, a generational movement of limitless dreams, a world where every woman is an idol. The idol that shines and shares with others in order to build, little by little, a better world.



Like the other fragrances of the Idôle family, Idole L’Eau de Parfum Nectar was developed by women perfumers from three different continents: Malaysian Shyamala Maisondieu, American Adriana Medina and French Nadège Le Garlantezec, who reinterpret the floral signature “Clean and Glow” of the original fragrance to create a unique, avant-garde scent that combines a bouquet of roses with a sweet burst of delicious caramelized popcorn. This incredibly creative note breaks with traditional gourmand fragrance codes following Idôle’s tradition of always being one step ahead of its time.

Top notes are centifolia rose grown at Le Domaine de la Rose by Lancôme in Grasse, France, sustainably sourced Isparta rose and rose from Turkey, made exclusively for Lancôme as part of L’s Solidarity Sourcing program. ‘The real. Isparta rose petal essence is created by steam distilling flower petals hand-picked from the fields of Isparta, Turkey’s rose-growing center, and to prevent the sun from affecting its delicate scent the harvest is made from early in the morning, so the essence captures all the freshness of the rose and its natural bloom, as if the flower had just been picked.

Its addictive fragrance extends to the heart notes, where we have a surprising combination of neo-gourmand popcorn and cooked caramel accords, which together create a unique olfactory experience. Bourbon vanilla from Madagascar is found in the base notes, with its flower having been carefully pollinated by hand during the 24 hours of flowering and going through 18 months of maturation to reach the most intense and exceptional fragrance of vanilla.

Top notes: centifolia rose grown at Le Domaine de la Rose by Lancôme in Grasse, France; sustainably sourced Isparta rose and rose from Turkey;
Heart notes: neo-gourmand popcorn and boiled caramel;
Background notes: exclusive Madagascar vanilla accord created for Idôle.



Designed for a generation of women who are building the world of tomorrow, Idôle L’Eau de Parfum Nectar confidently shares the Maison’s determination to push boundaries and the Maison’s commitment to sustainable beauty with a eco-friendly by using natural ingredients in its formula, in addition to being part of the Solidarity Sourcing of L’Oréal that aims to develop sustainable ingredients that support good working conditions with fair trade, as well as helping to preserve local ecosystems.

As the iconic symbol of Lancôme, the rose has been an essential ingredient of Idôle’s signature since its inception. The rose is also the focus of an ambitious brand initiative: “Bring the world to Bloom” which aims to protect the planet’s biodiversity and resources for generations to come. Lancôme, together with the NGO Pur Project in Turkey, is committed to helping the women of the village of Isparta, who harvest the rose of Isaparta, one of the three roses of Idôle L’Eau de Parfum Nectar, a key ingredient of its composition, with the main objective of encouraging the creation of a cooperative so that women can pool their resources and unite their voices to promote the transmission of ancestral knowledge.

This initiative also focuses on optimizing production and the supply chain through investments in new machinery, supporting a zero-waste approach to rosebuds that are not used in perfumery. This is a crucial step towards improving working conditions and incomes, as well as diversifying the community’s sources of income.



Following the brand’s commitment to sustainability, the new bottle of Idôle L’Eau de Parfum Nectar is made from recycled glass. With a design faithful to the original, the impactful and luxurious bottle is only 15 millimeters thick, with a slightly enlarged base to support its height and keep it upright. The two sides of the glass and its aura centered on the front of the bottle instantly capture attention with holographic details in vibrant shades of pink, orange and gold that express the determination and optimism of a generation willing to lead the way for a better. future. From the center of the bottle to its corners, the bright colors represent the determination and optimism of a generation ready to change the world.

On the packaging that covers the bottle, words that highlight the collective feminine strength are united in a circle, as if they represent a single voice. The voice of a generation that resonates around the world, as a call to action. It’s not just about inspiring other people, but also being with them so that action can be carried out together.

Idole L’Eau de Parfum Nectarin Lancomeis available in 4 volumes, 10 ml (one shot), 25ml, 50ml and 100ml, with suggested prices of R$199.00, R$349.00, R$529.00 and R$729.00 respectively

Where to find:
SAC: 0800 701 7323
Instagram: @lancomeofficial

About Lancome:

Founded in 1935 by visionary pioneer Armand Petitjean, with the aim of developing the spirit and taste of France around the world, Lancôme immediately incorporated the two constants of a modern beauty brand: the complementarity between perfume, beauty care and makeup and the need for to serve an international clientele. Lancôme claims that happiness is the most attractive beauty. It is a deep emotion, awakening all the senses. The aim of the brand is to offer all women the possibility to flourish, to enhance their beauty and femininity, whatever their age and skin color, giving them the best of science with great innovations that marked an era. As a French luxury cosmetics Maison, represented by equally inspired and inspiring ambassadors (Julia Roberts, Kate Winslet, Penélope Cruz, Isabella Rossellini, Lupita Nyong’o, Lily Collins and Taylor Hill), Lancôme is the mirror image of a woman: radiant and captivating. Day after day, her ambition is that every woman who seeks out Lancôme to become more beautiful will also be happier.

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