Messi in MLS? Beckham’s club ‘is confident’ for a 2023 deal and has held meetings with the ace’s father

According to a report published by the The AthleticMLS Inter Miami are confident they can sign Lionel Messi in 2023

Living the best moment since arriving in France to defend the Paris Saint-Germain, Lionel Messi continues to have its name shaking the backstage at the ball market. Contracted only until the end of the current season and linked again to a return to barcelonathe ace should also be the target of the Inter Miamigives MLS. The information was revealed this Monday (31) in a report published by the portal The Athletic.

Depending on the vehicle, the American club has held periodic meetings over the last few months with Jorge Messifather and businessman of the Argentine.

Behind the scenes, as the publication reveals, ‘there is growing confidence that the transfer will materialize’.

according to The Athleticnegotiations are being conducted by the brothers George and José Masco-owners of Inter Miami alongside English David Beckham. The tendency, however, is that new meetings will not take place until the dispute of the World Cup in Qatarwhich is seen by Messi as his main goal for the coming months.

The ‘trump card’ is that, after the 2022 World Cup, the Argentine will enter the last six months of the signed bond with Paris Saint-Germain, when the player may sign a pre-contract with any other club.

While the French are working behind the scenes to extend Messi’s permanence, there is public signaling by Barcelona that the club ‘expects an honorable farewell’ to the Argentine, which leaves the Camp Nou door open for the ace.

“Inter Miami has always known that a move to their city is a source of attraction for Messi’s family, who already own a property there. The Miami community’s ties to South America are also strong. The Athletic.

Founded in 2018 and playing in Major League Soccer since 2020, Inter Miami has made substantial investments in the structure of the franchise. Proof of this is the approval of construction of the Miami Freedom Parkstadium for 25 thousand fans that had public approval to be erected.

The work, which will also include a complex with public parks and green spaces, a technology center, restaurants and shops, soccer fields for the local community, will cost 1 billion dollars (R$ 5.3 billion)and it will be 100% financed by Inter Miami.

“To be honest, it’s not a difficult thing. You just say ‘Miami,’ and they say, ‘OK,'” joked David Beckham in a 2021 interview with ESPN on how to convince names like Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi and Neymar to operate in the United States.

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