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The Mexican GP consecrated the champion of the season Max Vesrtapen, who broke the record of victories in a year, reaching his 14th triumph in 2022 – he surpassed Michael Schumacher, in 2004, and Sebastian Vettel, in 2013, both with 13 first places on the podium. .

“Winning 14 races in a season is amazing, we’re having a great year as a team, and that’s what matters most. We’re going to keep at this pace to win as many races as possible.”

But the local crowd also had reasons to cheer up with fellow countryman Sergio Perez, who came in third. Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton, in the middle of the two Red Bulls, completed the podium.

“It was a good race for me today, although we didn’t choose the best tire strategy, looking now at the result. Anyway, riding so close to the Red Bulls makes me very proud of my team, and I’m very grateful for their hard work to keep us going”said Hamilton after the race.

During the race, however, there was a moment when the Brit was in doubt as to whether the team was doing the right thing.

Lewis: “Are we on the wrong tire, man?”

Bono: “No Lewis, I think we have the right tire. We’ll make it to the finish, no sweat.”

Despite the victory, tires were also a problem for Verstapen:

“My front tire died, guys”, said the driver on lap 26, when he dragged himself to the pits. The Dutchman started the race on soft tyres, which started to wear out on the 24th lap.

Japanese got nervous

In an attempt to overtake Yuki Tsunoda (AlphaTauri), Daniel Ricciardo (McLaren) ripped a piece of the wall of the Japanese driver’s car. Tsunoda lost control of his F1 and abandoned the race and asked:

“What the f*ck was that?”

Having achieved a great second place in the standings, Russell ended up fourth. And he wasn’t very excited about the next race, in Brazil

“I’m curious to see how things play out in Brazil, although I don’t think we’ll be as competitive there as we were here”

Carlos Sainz, from Ferrari, came in 5th conformed:

“Fifth place was the most we could aim for. Despite everything, I had a good race and I felt good in the car. We will try to get that same wave in Brazil and prepare for the last two races”

In the end, the best quote of the race came from a disappointed Fernando Alonso, when he was overtaken by Ocon on lap 62:

“Unbelievable. What a championship”

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