Natalie Portman’s Look As The Mighty Thor Revealed

Natalie Portman walks back through the front door into the Marvel Cinematic Universe and now we can see in detail what her armor will look like.

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Despite Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness being Marvel Studios’ most anticipated movie, as it will expand the MCU even further and add familiar characters never before seen in Spider-Man’s audiovisual home. Thor: Love and Thunder follows in the footsteps of Benedict Cumberbatch because it will signify the return of Chris Hemsworth’s God of Thunder to his solo saga. But the highlight, in fact, is not that, but that Natalie Portman will settle down as the protagonist to become the new Thor.

Thor 4: Natalie Portman’s Look As The Mighty Thor Revealed

The feature film premieres on July 8, and for now we haven’t been able to see any official progress, other than some small leaks and specific posts that the cast members have made so we can see how they look now in the new film. Like Tessa Thompson’s Valkyrie. However, we can now take a closer look (we’ve seen her before) at Natalie Portman as Thor. All thanks to Tamashii Nations action figures:

Thor: Love and Thunder

Thor: Love and Thunder

The look Natalie Portamn wears is as close to what Chris Hemsworth had in his early days as God of Thunder, now with that hammer restored and in “perfect” (slightly cracked) condition that will be combined with the legendary ax in combat. Few details of the entire plot have been revealed, although we know that Taika Waititi, after Thor: Ragnarok, loves to play with superheroes and make them closer to the comedy genre than action.

Hemsworth will also be very different in this film, with a more striking appearance, with less belly than in Avengers: Endgame and with that weapon built to destroy Thanos at the time still in his hands. What do you think of Natalie Portman’s new look? Want to see her in action?

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