Nubank releases news for the Ultravioleta premium card; check out

O Nubank offers a Premium card to its customers called “Ultraviolet”. The tool underwent some changes in October and now any bank customer can order the product, including those who have just arrived.

However, only customers who already had Ultravioleta will be able to access the funds Multimarket Ultraviolet Nude and Ultraviolet Nude Stocks. Learn more about the changes and about premium card investment funds.

Nubank’s new premium card rules

Interested in purchasing Ultraviolet from Nubank you just need to download the fintech app (available for Android and iOS) and open an account. The company will then carry out a credit analysis. If released, the account holder receives a notification of approval.

The premium card request was exclusive to users of the other Nubank cards, Gold and Platinum. However, with the new rule this has changed. However, the annual fee for the Ultraviolet card is still valid, which is R$ 49.

However, it is possible to waive this charge. The user must have monthly expenses with the card above R$ 5 thousand or invest from R$ 50 thousand between Nubank and NuInvest. Prior to the change, it was necessary to invest R$ 150 thousand.

In addition, the card has a series of advantages, such as the points program via cashback. Through it, the amount returned yields 200% of the CDI, a rate that faithfully follows the Selic rate, currently set at 13.75% per year.

Access to investment funds

In addition to these changes, now only customers who have the premium card Nubank will have access to the Nu Ultravioleta Multimercado and Nu Ultravioleta Ações investment funds. Until then, all customers could access the products.

In any case, those who have already invested in one of the funds and do not have a Nubank premium card will continue to operate their investment. The services provide access to funds from well-known managers in the market, such as Verde, Constellation, Bogari, SPX and Absoluto Partners.

Last, but not least, it is worth mentioning that to invest in the fund, it is necessary to disburse a minimum amount of R$ 500. According to fintech, this represents the democratization of investments. This is because, in other cases, the minimum investment in the funds of these managers can reach up to R$ 50 thousand.

Advantages of Nubank Ultraviolet

Check out the list of the main advantages of the Nubank premium card:

  • Instant cashback that does not expire, with automatic yield at 200% of CDI per year;
  • Free travel insurance;
  • Free access to the VIP lounge at Guarulhos International Airport;
  • Exclusive metal design without printed data, making the tool safer, accessed only through the digital bank application;
  • Exclusive access to the Nu Ultravioleta Multimercado and Nu Ultravioleta Ações investment funds;
  • Monthly fee of R$ 49 free in cases where the monthly expense on the card is from R$ 5 thousand per month or R$ 50 thousand are invested in NuBank or Nu Invest.

Regarding the common cards, in the Gold or Platinum versions, they do not have monthly fees, but are international.

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