Penalty against Real Madrid was well marked? Did the referee hit or miss when Rodrygo’s goal was ruled out? Renata Ruel responds

The match between Real Madrid and Girona, this Sunday (30), was marked by two very controversial moves

O 1-1 draw between Real Madrid and Girona, this Sunday (30), by LaLigawas marked by two very controversial moves.

The first was the penalty scored against the meringues after the ball hit midfielder Asensio’s hand, when the whites won 1-0.

The penalty, awarded after a VAR review, resulted in the away team scoring a goal in the match.

The 2nd controversial moment was the disallowed goal by forward Rodrygo, in the final minutes of the complementary stage, when the score showed 1 to 1.

In this case, referee Mario Melero López called the Brazilian’s foul on the goalkeeper by kicking the ball. He asked VAR to review the bid, but there was no change in the decision.

Check out the bids below and the analysis by Renata Ruel, arbitration analyst at ESPN:

Penalty against Real Madrid

“According to the guidance given to the referees in Brazil, the throw would be a penalty, because the ball slides into the body and hits the arm that already expanded the body space in an unnatural way. In Spain, the hand and arm guidelines were changed this year. current, the penalty was correctly awarded by the referee

Rodrygo’s goal disallowed

“On the disallowing of Rodrygo’s goal, the rule is very clear: was correct. The goalkeeper had the ball between his hand and the ground, and according to Ifab [órgão que dita as regras do futebol]this characterizes the goalkeeper’s possession of the ball”

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