Producer responded about season 2. Will the series have a FUTURE on Netflix? Find it out!

The series echoes has been in the top 10 on Netflix since its debut on the platform on August 19th, and those who have already marathoned are eager to know news about a possible 2nd season.

With so many questions on the subject, the The Wrap got an exclusive interview with the protagonist of the series, Michelle Monaghan, and with the producer, Brian Yorkey, where the showrunner addressed the future of the program.

Beware of SPOILERS for the 1st season of the series.

Leni and Gina may have a future on the platform. (Image: Disclosure)

Asked if the hooks left at the end of echoes mean that the series will get a sequel, the producer was categorical in saying that this will be decided by Netflix based on the public’s response.

Netflix and the public will decide if the series wants another season. […] Quinton Peeples and I have been teasing each other for a Season 2 since before we even plotted filming Season 1, because these women are fascinating and this situation is super tangled,” Yorkey said.

According to him, if there is a continuation of the series, he wants to address in particular the decision to jack (Matt Bomer) at the end of the first season, to prevent both twins from being a part of his life and that of his daughter.

Yorkey pondered if the character will keep the decision or if at some point he could change his mind.

Furthermore, Yorkey revealed that it is also planning a spin off focused on Sheriff Floss (Karen Robinson), the policewoman who tries to piece together the case of Leni and Ginny in the current season of Echoes.

We want Sheriff Floss to have her own show […] where she goes around the South solving crimes and bringing people to justice.”

In addition to talking about the 2nd season, both the showrunner how much Michelle Monaghan revealed the unknown about the twins’ identity at the end of the season.

Second Monaghan It is Ginny who appears in the reading of Charlie’s book, and is Leni who appears with him at the end. Yorkey confirmed the actress’ response, saying that the decision was much discussed among the production team and they decided to split the twins in this way, ensuring that Ginny survived after jumping off the cliff.

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