Rebeca remains in the Worlds classification, but fails in the jump; Brazil is 2nd – 10/30/2022

Despite failures that took away two great medal chances, the Brazilian women’s artistic gymnastics team showed strength in its debut at the Liverpool World Championship (England). This Sunday (30), closed the eighth of 10 subdivisions occupying the second place overall, only behind the United States. Until the end of the day, there are still Italy and Great Britain, which tend to be Brazil’s two main rivals for a team medal, on Tuesday (1). Whoever makes it to the podium also guarantees a place for teams at the Paris Games. In the all-around, Rebeca has everything to win the title.

With Rebeca Andrade and Flávia Saraiva in great form, Brazil was expected to fight for up to eight medals at this Worlds, but two have already escaped. One, which was almost certain gold. Olympic and world champion last year in the jump, Rebeca made a gross mistake in her second performance on this device, which she considers the average of two performances. The Brazilian had the best grade of the championship in the first (15,066), but the second worst of the World in the second (11,466). At the end of the passage, she was in 11th, out of the final eight.

Rebeca also had two important imbalances in her series on the beam and one on the floor. Even so, as expected, she left the rankings. She got the best ground score (tied with Flavia), the best jump score (among those valid for the all-around) and the third best in the asymmetry. Thus, she added 57,332 points, more than 1.5 point advantage over any other opponent. There is no expectation that it will be surpassed by gymnasts from the last two subdivisions of this classification phase, even today.

Flávia fell on the beam, a device in which she was an Olympic finalist, and only lost a point there, being out of the final in this device. In the all-around, she added 54,133 points, appearing in seventh for the time being. If she hits her presentation on the beam in the final on Thursday, she should fight for the podium, since Jade Carrey, from the USA, is in third with 55.132, exactly one point below Flávia. The also North American Shilese Jones (55,766) appears in second.

By apparatus, Flavinha and Rebeca will inevitably have a spot in the floor final (they are in first and second), Rebeca will have to make the final of the asymmetries and, perhaps, of the beam. The Brazilian appears in seventh place, but the tendency is that neither Italians nor British will surpass her until the end of the day.

Counting the finals of Rebeca and Flavia in the all-around, there are seven finals for the team. By teams, Brazil added 163,563 points, almost four points behind the USA, but ahead of Japan (162,564) and China (162,064). France also did well, with 161,428.

How was the day

The presentation of Brazil started with the beam, the device considered the most prone to failures. And the rotation was not good for the Brazilian women. Julia Soares opened with a failure, a score of 12.466, and almost a point less than what was expected of her. Then, Rebeca Andrade had at least two imbalances and a bad grade (by her standards): 13,400. Candidate for the medal, after being an Olympic finalist in Tokyo, Flávia Saraiva even fell off the beam and was only with a score of 12,900. Without the fall, it would go easy to the final.

Then redemption came on the ground. Julia did what is expected of her, 13,466, and both Flavinha and Rebeca did very well, both with a score of 14,200. Flavia took first by the tiebreaker: a better execution of a simpler series. Rebeca is in second, because she almost fell in a spin.

In the jump, Carolyne Pedro made a simple presentation, with 12.933, Flavia Saraiva did well with 18.833, and Rebeca gave a show in the series that was worth for the all-around. Afterwards, she apparently missed the entry on the table and failed in the jump that was worth to try to place in the final of the apparatus. If she’d done any simple but correct jumps, she’d have been in the eight.

Then, in the asymmetries, the presentation of Brazil was more regular. Flavia took 13,200 and Lorrane took 13,233. Rebeca then made the series with the highest degree of difficulty at the Worlds, finishing with 14,666 points, behind Nina Derwael (Belgium), who scored 14,700, and Chinese Rou Luo, with 14,900.

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