See how much the kit costs to adapt your bike to an electric model

Cycling is an excellent physical exercise and helps to reduce the emission of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, responsible for global warming. This happens because when pedaling, people stop using the car or motorcycle, means of transport that use polluting energy sources. But versions have been adapted to electricity, in rechargeable versions.

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Electric bikes on the streets

Some companies provide an electric bicycle loan service, as is the case of ”Bike Itaú”, in which the customer downloads an application and rents it according to the amount of time needed. In Brazil, this is the main way to get this experience traveling through the capitals. Unfortunately, the value of a new bike is inaccessible to most of the population, exceeding the price of a 0 km car.

Discover the PikaBoost Kit

Developed by the North American company Livall, the PikaBoost Kit promises the conversion of all conventional models of bicycle available. That way, just install the accessories following the manual and your bike ends up becoming electric. The news was announced recently and was enthusiastically received by consumers who cycle daily, commuting to work or college.

Special pre-launch pricing

Anyone who purchases the kit until the product is officially available can pay R$ 1,600 less, but must pay in dollars, that is, US$ 299. The equipment weighs up to 3 kg, presenting excellent portability and its design ensures that the in the seat support is fast and safe, maintaining the main aesthetic and functional characteristics. The campaign’s focus is an audience that has an urban style and does not give up considering sustainable choices.

The USB port allows charging the cell phone batterythe use of the safety light and the PikaBoost configuration results in a range of 30 km and the charge fully recovers in 3 hours.

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