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Every American suburb has a mother who is the leader of the perfect mothers. The one that takes the children to 30,000 activities, that makes dinners with lots of mashed potatoes and peas and that encourages catechetical groups, theater and the like. In this case, that mother is Candace Montgomery, or Candy to her friends, the one who doesn’t get tired of saying that she has “the best house for parties”. Oh, she’s also a killer.

Don’t be shocked, this is not a spoiler, it’s the central element that is revealed in the very first episode – the five of the miniseries are now available on Disney+. “Candy” recalls the true story of a woman from Wylie, Texas, who in 1980 killed Betty Gore with 41 axes, and the trial that followed (the verdict is within reach of a brief online search, but if you want to enjoy the story, look no further than this).

The script, signed by Robin Veith (“Mad Men”, “Sangue Fresco”), starts to grab us without much delay. The question that settles in the viewer’s mind is not whether or not Candy is guilty, but what her motives for such a macabre crime are – there is a scene in which her husband, Pat, not wanting to believe in the possibility of such an act, reproduces the 41 blows on a tree trunk. Seeing that is painful, now imagine that violence in a human. More than that, history shows us the anger and tension built up in this woman. through small frames – like squeezing, to the limit, a spatula next to the kitchen counter – we see gestures that muffle what Candy hides and her true temperament.


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