the return of Flamengo fans to Brazil

After an eventful Saturday in Guayaquil (EQU), which resulted in the Libertadores title for Flamengo after the 1-0 victory over Athletico-PR, at the Monumental stadium, fans had a long and tiring return to Brazil. , and with many situations happening at airports.

The report of UOL Esporte left the Ecuadorian city yesterday (30) around 6:50 pm local time (8:50 pm Brasília time). As soon as he arrived at José Joaquín de Olmedo airport, he was faced with a new drama from the clients of the Outsider travel agency. As if all the troubles and setbacks they faced to arrive in Ecuador weren’t enough, they again encountered problems boarding back home.

Crowded in the lobby, many of them claimed that they had not received vouchers from the company with their return ticket. Others argued that the agency anticipated flights and failed to notify them. And there were still those who accused some of embarking on “the scream”.

In the departure lounge, the flamenguists were surprised by the airport’s sound system, which unexpectedly played the club’s anthem, to the delight of the red-blacks, who even tired, sang and cheered. Then they played a funk song in which the chorus said “sou tri”, in allusion to the third championship of Libertadores.

They also had a few Athletics, who waited for the flight in silence. There was, however, no provocation on the part of the flamenguists and the atmosphere was peaceful in this sense.

Just before boarding the UOL Esporte, which was packed with Flamengo fans, the results of the second round of the presidential elections in Brazil were announced. Travelers followed the investigation on their cell phones, but the reactions were timid and without major manifestations. A few used stickers or props of the candidates Jair Bolsonaro (PL) and the elected Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT).

Even tired, the flamenguistas rehearsed some shouts of “Mengo” both on takeoff and on the landing at the stopover in Quito, a neighboring Ecuadorian city.

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