Unbelievable! Discover hidden meaning of ‘dark’ skull emoji

There is no denying that there is currently an emoji for every situation. We have the Whatsapp to prove. Some people use so many stickers that conversations become a bunch of smiley faces, yet these images are full of meaning. Do you know what the skull emoji means? Perhaps he is the darkest of them all.

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On the other hand, there are those who love the figure and use in different situations, especially with the arrival of Halloween. The fact is that the skull emoji has a very curious meaning that is different from what most people who are users of the application believe. Let’s go with us to demystify some things.

skull emoji

skull emoji
skull emoji

There are those who think that the symbol refers to something deadly or extremely dark. It’s just not for that! What many don’t even suspect is that, in the language of the internet, the emoji is used to indicate an endless laugh.

That’s right! It’s a reference to something completely funny, like an intense fit of laughter. In the popular expression, it’s the same as “die of laughter”. O meaning it is more restricted to young people, who gave this use to the emoji, but the trend caught on and today it is everywhere on the internet.

So don’t be alarmed if someone replies something funny with the skull emoji. Even when it is used over and over again, just ride the wave. If you like to send stickers to your contacts, it’s good to understand what the real meaning is so you don’t embarrass yourself in interactions, right?

Here’s one more tip. If you’re not sure which emoji to use, google it so you don’t send something with double meaning on the Whatsapp. Some sites act as an emoji dictionary, as is the case with Emojipedia.

You and your most frequent contacts can also define the concept of each figure in conversations between you. In other words, just choose which emojis you like the most and clarify what that image wants to indicate. So the chats are even more full of emotions.

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