was playing poorly and with a tight score, but Brazil won

There is an eternal discussion in football about teams that deserve or don’t deserve certain victories, certain titles. Ah, he was champion, but with an ugly football.

Flamengo, for example, did not have the dream performance on Saturday and returned home with the long-awaited Libertadores tri. Who cares if it was 1-0 or 4-0 or half-zero? History records only the champions, no buts.

Yesterday, Brazil also won without filling us with pride. There were more than 58 million votes in a project of hate and lies. There was no rout in favor of democracy, an overwhelming victory, an overthrow by those who leave no shadow of doubt about the superiority of the winner.

It was half to zero. But it was half-zero against a deeply disloyal opponent, with an unlimited budget, with a controversial refereeing team, without field control, without support from the institutions that were supposed to protect the fairness of the show.

It was half-zero on the nail, despite a monumental scheme to buy votes, unprecedented electoral fraud, and a powerful machine for the dissemination of unprecedented fake news.

It was half zero against everything, but not against everyone, because Brazil showed that it doesn’t give in and that it has the strength to take down anyone who just wants to take advantage of us, without doing us good.

It was half to zero with a rout value.

It was close, with emotion and anguish, at the base of the kick and the ball to the bush. But history, in the end, will only record the victory of democracy over fascism. Of the truth against the lie. Of hope against fear.

Evil lost. Brazil won. It’s time to lift that cup, without regretting the tight score.

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