WhatsApp prepares controversial function that could be the END of couples

The news may not be the best for some! WhatsApp continues to develop a controversial function that can bring people a lot of headache. Especially for those involved in more fragile relationships, with little trust between the couple. The function will allow editing of messages already sent. It’s a sight problem.

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The news was released by the WABetaInfo portal, which specializes in news from the application of messages. According to the publication, the novelty has not even reached users yet and has already caused a level of concern. Can you imagine why? We only advance that this will result in some arguments between the couples. Let’s understand what it is.

Controversial ‘edit’ function on WhatsApp

The novelty doesn’t even have a release date yet, but it has already caused a lot of disagreement among some users of the application. The function can make it difficult for situations where it will be necessary to point out something that has been said, for example.

Tests with the new resource already started. Beta users are the first to know about the controversial feature. Despite the discomfort it causes for some, the novelty can solve many problems in everyday life.

For example: when sending a message and later realizing that something went wrong, the edit option can be a good alternative. Not just in this but in many other situations. What is known so far is that tests with the new option are already being carried out with some of those who use the beta version of WhatsApp.

It is also not known how long after sending the message followed by being edited. Will there be no time limit for this to be done? Let’s find out. For those who didn’t like the idea of ​​editing so much, the biggest concern is to prove what was said during a conversation. Especially when you want to be right.

In addition to the conversation between couples, it is also important to think about the use of the controversy WhatsApp by some companies, for example, when informing the value of a product through the messaging application and other common situations. Perhaps now the best thing is to resort to prints in matters that deserve more caution.

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