Air.0: Wireless Foldable Mouse with “origami” Look Launched on Kickstarter

Portability never hurts, and with that philosophy, a Chinese startup has just unveiled its first major innovative project on Kickstarter. The Air.0 is a foldable wireless mouse that features an ergonomic and incredibly compact design to ensure that mobile professionals take up even less space in their luggage.

With a patented look that resembles an origami piece, the accessory has an overall thickness of just 4.5 millimeters when unfolded and weighs 40 grams. To activate the mouse, simply join the lower ends using its magnet. By pressing the area and separating the tips, the peripheral is automatically turned off.

“As remote work becomes more popular, we want everyone to work and play on the go with the comfort of using a full-size mouse, but without the advantageous size that is difficult to store in a backpack or pocket,” say the creators of Air.0 in its publication on Kickstarter, a famous crowdfunding platform.

Another advantage of its distinctive construction is strength. Because it’s lightweight and fully lined with synthetic leather, the Air.0 mouse has less risk of being damaged when dropped.

There is a 1-centimeter bulge on its underside that houses the optical sensors for surface tracking and mechanisms for Bluetooth 5.2 connection. The left and right buttons have mechanical switches. There is a touch-sensitive area in top center that allows scrolling of pages, simulating the disk of conventional mice.

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The startup claims that the Air.0 has a 500mAh battery capable of lasting up to three months on a single charge. If there is an urgent need to recharge the mouse, simply plug the accessory into your USB-C charger for just one minute for an extra 3 hours of use.

Compatible with Windows, Android, macOS and iPadOS, the Air.0 is available for US$49 (about R$256) in 12 color options. As with any project on Kickstarter, the mouse is not yet in production and may hit the market in a limited way, but the startup promises to open sales of the accessory in March 2023.

What do you think of the new mouse? would you buy? Comment below!

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