Andrade: Corinthians is very pessimistic about Vítor Pereira’s renewal – 10/31/2022

Vice-champion of the Copa do Brasil and fighting in the Brasileirão for a spot in the group stage of the next Libertadores, Corinthians is experiencing days of apprehension regarding the permanence of its coach. Faced with the silence of Vítor Pereira, the atmosphere is pessimistic at the club.

The information is provided by journalist Bruno Andrade, on the program At firsttransmitted by UOL Esporte every Monday at 3pm. According to him, Vítor Pereira has not yet communicated the Corinthians direction about his future, but he is considering leaving the club for personal reasons.

“The Duílio [Monteiro Alves, presidente do Corinthians] has not yet received clearly and objectively that Vítor Pereira will not remain, but there is a great deal of pessimism within Corinthians regarding permanence and renewal.”

“For personal reasons, Vítor Pereira is increasingly considering returning to European football or even Portuguese football, to be closer to his family, wife, relatives, but he has not yet decided”, said Andrade.

According to the UOL columnist, Vítor Pereira must await the definition of the Brasileirão to communicate his decision, but the tendency is for the Portuguese coach to leave, who has a contract until the end of the year.

“What is certain is that there is a great deal of pessimism at Corinthians, it is not possible to say that Vítor Pereira is not going to stay, but everything leads us to believe that he will not renew.”

With the possibility of Vítor Pereira not renewing his contract for 2023, Corinthians is already working behind the scenes on a plan B for the next season, despite the interest in the Portuguese’s permanence. The main alternative would be Juan Pablo Vojvoda, coach of Fortaleza.

“Corinthians will believe until the last moment in the coach’s permanence, but they are monitoring Vojvoda, at this moment Vítor Pereira is more about to stay than to stay, but it is still not possible to say 100% that Vítor Pereira will leave the Corinthians”, Andrade concluded.

Flamengo and Dorival Jr. want renewal

After the dreamed three-time championship of Libertadores, Flamengo is already starting to plan for 2023 and its first goal is to renew the contract of coach Dorival Jr.

At the At first, journalist Marcelo Hazan explained that the parties should meet in the coming weeks to agree on the terms of the new agreement, which should be accompanied by a financial valuation of Dorival. It remains to be seen whether there will be a Brazilian team along the way.

Abel Ferreira refused 4 proposals in October alone

In an exclusive interview for Mercado da Bola blog, coach Abel Ferreira’s agent, Hugo Cajuda, revealed to journalist Bruno Andrade that the Palmeiras coach refused 15 polls of clubs abroad since taking over Palmeiras.

According to the businessman, just this October, Abel said no to four proposals from European football – one of them from Brighton, which competes in the English Premier League.

Corinthians wants Arthur, but competition weighs

The main highlight of Red Bull Bragantino in recent years, midfielder Arthur has a proposal of 10 million euros (R$ 53 million) from a club in Qatar and may leave Brazilian football at the end of the season.

Corinthians, however, are interested in Arthur and could enter the fray for the 24-year-old. The problem, in addition to the amount involved in the transaction, is competition: the Bragantino midfielder has also been probed by Major League Soccer (MLS) clubs.

On the rise, Jorge Jesus leads renewal in Turkey

Leader of the Turkish Championship and qualified for the knockout of the Europa League, Jorge Jesus is on the rise at Fenerbahçe, who intend to use the break from the World Cup to forward the renewal of the coach’s contract.

Jesus has a link with Fenerbahçe until June 2023. In view of the good work of the former Flamengo coach, the Turkish team intends to guarantee the coach’s permanence as soon as possible.

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