Chris Martin and Dakota Johnson file harassment complaint after being stalked by fan

According to The Blast, the persecution began on social media, but soon began to invade Chris Martin’s privacy.

After months of unpredictable pursuit, Chris Martin and Dakota Johnson recently filed a restraining order against a fan of the singer. The couple decided to go to court, opening a formal complaint of harassment, after the woman went on to claim that she is in a relationship with the singer of the Coldplay.

In the beginning, in April of this year, the fan was chasing Chris Martin only on social media, claiming to be the singer’s wife and claiming to live with him in the United States. Everything got worse, however, when the chase left the digital realm and started to invade the artist’s privacy – she was even caught several times while trying to break into the idol’s house in Los Angeles, according to the report. The Blast.

Chris Martin became even more frightened when eventually the woman started chasing Dakota Johnsonwith whom the singer has been dating since 2017. Among the harassments directed at the actress of Fifty Shades of greythe alleged fan even claimed that Dakota would be using magic to cause him pain.

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Making it clear that he does not have any kind of connection with the woman, so, Chris Martin decided to go to court. Thinking about his own safety and also the protection of his children and his girlfriend, the singer of Coldplay would be, according to The Blast“horrified and scared” of what the fan might do next.

In the formalized complaint, the singer’s defense highlighted that the stalker “established a climate of fear for her safety and those with whom [o artista] lives, due to the hundreds of publications that prove the woman’s instability, delusions and now the actions she took to continue to harass and endanger both the Mr. martin as your partner, Mrs. Dakota Johnson”. Thus, in view of the allegations, a court order was issued, determining that the fan cannot approach Chris Martin, Dakota Johnson or the residence of both artists in less than 30 meters.

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