Cruzeiro wear commemorative access shirt to lift Serie B trophy

Like Cruzeiro's pink shirt, the commemorative garment has
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Just like Cruzeiro’s pink shirt, the commemorative garment will have a unique lot

Cruzeiro will end its participation in Serie B of the Brazilian Championship in a special way. Raposa will enter the field this Sunday (6/11), at 18:30, to measure strength with CSA, in Mineiro, in Belo Horizonte, in the game of delivery of the cup. And to make the party even more beautiful, the players and the technical commission will wear the access commemorative shirt for the first time.

O supersports It was found that the clothing commemorating the return of the national elite next year will only be used after the final whistle of the match against the Alagoas. The entire cast of stars wear the shirt at the moment of lifting the trophy of the Second Division, in Gigante da Pampulha.

Like the game shirts, the commemorative ones will be signed by Adidas, the club’s current supplier of sports equipment. However, the design and details present on the blouses will be kept confidential until then.

At the time, the manager revealed that the conversations with Adidas were already well advanced to start making the commemorative shirts. The plan is to launch a single batch of pieces, as was done with the pink uniform, created in reference to the October Rosa campaign.

“We are also working to have a shirt that would symbolically be the one for access, commemorative. It will become a collector’s item and a great Christmas gift. So, the idea for the next few days, if everything goes well with Adidas, we will can launch it at the end of the year”, he said.

“Revenge’ against CSA

At one point during the recording, the Cruzeiro midfielder provoked his opponent: “If we don’t win the CSA, for God’s sake,” said Poca.

Even the favorite, the Minas Gerais team ended up being defeated 1-0 – the midfielder even missed a penalty – in a remarkable game of that unparalleled relegation campaign for Serie B.

From the audio, the duel between Cruzeiro and CSA has a favorable record for the Alagoas. In six matches, there are four wins for Azulo and two draws.

However, the CSA situation is more delicate this time around. The club is in 16th position in the Second Division, with 42 points – one more than Novorizontino, in 17th place. The team from Alagoas could even lose to Cruzeiro, but, if that happens, they will have to hope that the team from São Paulo does not score against the already relegated Operrio, in Paraná.

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