Final may mark handover between Filipe Luis and Ayrton Lucas

A fact that certainly caused chills in Flamengo’s fans, in the middle of the 1st half of last Saturday’s final, was the injury of Filipe Luís. The experienced side gave way to Ayrton Lucas, who was one of the most important tools for the Carioca red-black to reach the third Libertadores title in its history.

Ayrton suffered the foul that generated the second yellow card and the expulsion of Pedro Henrique in the final stretch of the 1st stage. The move unlocked things and Mais Querido began to find spaces more easily. The play would hardly happen that way if Filipe Luís was still on the field. And if it happened, the starter wouldn’t have the speed of Ayrton to cause the infraction.

It’s a matter of character. They are very different sides. With Filipe, Flamengo has a more experienced and cerebral player. The vision of the game, the intelligence in the decisions, and the quality in the pass, make up for the lack of intensity and speed many times. But at other times not. With Ayrton, the team gains depth, voluptuousness and acceleration down the left flank. Factors that were most decisive on Saturday.

Felipão set up Athletico to score from sockets. He released Khellven to accompany Filipe Luís since Flamengo’s departure from the ball. The Hurricane’s right-back did it well. He pressured Filipe and cut the vertical passing lines. The Cariocas then had one more player behind the ball line. David Luiz, Léo Pereira, the left-back and sometimes even Thiago Maia.

01 - Buda Mendes/Getty Images - Buda Mendes/Getty Images

Filipe Luís in action for Flamengo during the Copa Libertadores final

Image: Buda Mendes/Getty Images

With Ayrton Lucas, the team from Gávea started to push more people into the rival field, and started to have amplitude on a regular basis on the left side. The athlete’s own attitude when entering the field was also relevant. impetuous. Risking and raising the confidence of the team.

The level shown by Ayrton Lucas in the reserve team’s games over the last few months had already raised the debate about a possible starter, and the performance in the Libertadores final seems to have corroborated the hypothesis.

Filipe Luís is an extra class. He showed that he can still be decisive for the squad in specific situations, but he doesn’t generate the volume necessary for a full-back in a scheme with a diamond in the midfield and without a more fixed attacker on the left. Promoting the transition of ownership between them will make Flamengo avoid recent problems like the ones it had with athletes of the same generation as the former side of the selection.

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