Fluminense beats Ceará and guarantees a spot in Libertadores with a goal from Cano

Fluminense is guaranteed in the Copa Libertadores 2023. Tricolor beat Ceará by 1 to 0stelão, and has a spot, at least, in the initial phase of the continental tournament. The triumph was built with a goal by Cano, who reached historic milestones for the Laranjeiras club and in the competition.

With the positive result, the Laranjeiras team went to 61 points, in the G4. It is worth mentioning that after Flamengo’s title in Libertadores, the G8 is already confirmed in the Brasileirão. Vozão, on the other hand, remains with 34 and sees the situation getting even more complicated in the tournament.

In the next round, Ceará visits Corinthians, while Fluminense hosts São Paulo.

Pipe again!

Big name for Fluminense in the season, Cano opened the scoring and reached 39 goals in the season. Thus, he equaled the mark of Magno Alves, who made 39 in 2002, until then the top scorer of the tricolor in a season. The Argentine, throughout this year, surpassed names like Washington, who scored 37 goals in 2008, and Fred, who scored 34 in 2011.

In addition, he reached 21 in the Brazilian and equaled Aristzábal, who made the mark in 2003, as the greatest foreign scorer of the competition in a single edition.

Who was wrong – Cleber

The striker had been one of the most participative in Ceará, helping in the transition to attack, but he received an early yellow card and was sent off in the second half, after a bid in which he tried to recover the ball. With one less, Vozão had to change its strategy.

Ceará performance

Ceará went to the field with the 4-5-1 scheme and, at the beginning of the game, managed to press the ball out of Fluminense, taking the opponent a little out of the “comfort zone”. The home team even managed to create chances, but left spaces in the marking and saw the opponent being more dangerous.

In the second half, Juca Antonello sought to bet on speed, but Cléber’s expulsion changed the scenario, and Ceará found itself more cornered. After Flu’s goal, the team failed to show power of reaction, despite the changes.

Fluminense’s performance

Fluminense maintained the structure of the team that has been playing in the last rounds, with André, Martinelli, Yago and Ganso in midfield. The team started with some difficulty, but soon began to find spaces and create chances, especially with Cano.

With Cléber’s expulsion in the second half, Tricolor was left with one more and started to have it easier. In this context, Cano reached the goal that put the visitors in a more comfortable situation in the game. With the favorable score, there were new chances, but, mainly, attention to the defense.

no cheering

Arena Castelão could not have fans in the stands because of the punishment imposed by the Superior Court of Sports Justice (STJD) after the invasion of the lawn in the confrontation between Vozão and Cuiabá, by the Brazilian.


Ceará started the game managing to pressure Fluminense’s ball out and create an opportunity. The Tricolor, however, soon managed to balance the actions and also reach the offensive sector with danger.

twice on the beam

The tricolor team was close to opening the scoring in an unbelievable bid. Arias found Cano, who finished and stamped the post. On the rebound, Yago hit and sent the ball to the same post.


The visitors came to swing the net, when Martinelli crossed and Cano scored, but the referee pointed out that the Argentine was in an irregular position.


Right after the break, the teams played an open game, but the scenario changed. In an attacking move by Ceará, Cléber lost the ball and, in an attempt to recover, gave Manoel a cart. As a result, he was expelled.

Do the L!

Fluminense opened the scoring with Cano. After finishing Arias in which the ball came out half “masked”, the Argentine appeared in the middle of the opposing defense and deflected it to the goal.


In the final minutes, Ceará went ahead and tried to equalize at all costs. Flu even gave some spaces in the marking, but Vozão didn’t take advantage of it.


Competition: Brazilian Championship – 35th round
Place: Arena Castelão, in Fortaleza (CE)
day and time: October 31, 2022, Monday at 20:00 (Brasília time)
Referee: Raphael Claus (Fifa/SP)
assistants: Danilo Ricardo Simon Manis (Fifa/SP) and Neuza Ines Back (Fifa/SP) VAR: Rafael Traci (SC)
yellow cards: Cleber, Victor Luis (CEA); Cristiano, Cano (FLU)
Red card: Cléber, from Ceará, at 11’/2nd
Goal: Cano, from Fluminense, at 26’/2º

CEARÁ: João Ricardo; Nino Paraíba, Gabriel Lacerda, David Ricardo and Bruno Pacheco; Richardson (Iury Castilho), Fernando Sobral (Lima), Richard (Geovane), Diego Rigonato (Victor Luis) and Vina (Erick); Cleber. Technician: Juca Antonello

FLUMINENSE: Fábio, Samuel Xavier, Nino (Nathan), Manoel and Cristiano; André, Martinelli, Yago (Matheus Martins) and Ganso (David Braz); Arias and Cano (Alan). Technician: Fernando Diniz

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