Google Chrome: new sidebar lets you browse the results

Google Chrome has a new sidebar which should make life even faster and easier for searchers. Just click on it to have, on the right side of the screen, several results of what is being searched, without having to keep going back and alternating between the original page of the search and the sites linked to it.

Another novelty that is coming to the desktop is the price tracking tool, now available in the mobile version of the browser.

How to open the new Google search side panel?

Source: Google/Disclosure.Source: Google/Disclosure.Source: Google

To quickly and easily compare different search results without having to click the button Come back, do the following:

  1. Type your search in the address bar and click on a result;
  2. In the address bar, click open search on the side panel;
  3. Once the search results appear in the side panel, click on any of them, and the page will immediately open in your current tab, allowing a comparison between all pages and results.

How to enable price tracking in Google Chrome?

Source: Google/Disclosure.Source: Google/Disclosure.Source: Google

A tool that can be very useful on the next Black Friday, for example, this feature allows you to track the desired product price in several online stores at the same time. When the price drops on any of the sites, you receive an email. Here’s how to activate:

  1. Search an online store for the product you want to track;
  2. click in track price in the address bar;
  3. Click on that same option to start tracking the item. Price reduction emails will go to the Google Account you are signed in to;
  4. If you no longer want to continue tracking the product, just click on price tracking in the address bar and then do not track.

The feature is only available when you are online.

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