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Garcelle Beauvais is single, but award-winning actress Julia Roberts wants to help The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star find a new boyfriend.

Garcelle Beauvais might not be single for long now that actress Julia Roberts is playing matchmaker for The real housewives of Beverly Hills Star. Garcelle has been transparent about her two divorces and previous Hollywood affairs. As a recognized TV actress with roles in prominent movies and TV shows dating back to the 1980s, Garcelle has primarily dated men in the entertainment industry. A single mother of three boys, Garcelle is at a point in her life where she can make time for dating.

Their eldest son Oliver Saunders is an adult and is building a brand for himself as a newcomer. Vanderpump Rules. Garcelle’s twins, Jax and Jade, are 14 years old and mature enough to hug their mother back into the dating scene. In the three seasons in which Garcelle starred RHOBH, she opened up about her divorces and past affairs in Hollywood. She explained the cheating scandal she suffered with her second husband Mike Nilon. Garcelle even admitted to dating actor Will Smith after his divorce from her good friend Sheree Zampino.

Since her divorce from Mike in 2010, Garcelle has dated but not been involved in anything serious. But the Bravo star has an Oscar-winning friend who wants to help her find love. “I just met Julia Roberts”, said Garcelle ET. “She said, ‘Oh my God, I need to find you a boyfriend. I’m invested in it. And I said, ‘I might die now’, like, ‘I don’t even need the boyfriend.’“Apparently, Julia is a great RHOBH fan and hopes to help Garcelle find a new boyfriend. “she needs a boyfriend,” a Pretty Woman said the actress. “I will think about it all day.”

RHOBH fans want to see Garcelle Beauvais find love

Garcelle Beauvais in RHOBH

Garcelle is among the singles RHOBH along with Erika Jayne, who filed for divorce from her ex-husband, Tom Girardi, last year. Sutton Strake spent years single, but RHOBH season 12 saw her adorable date night with her now-boyfriend, Sanjit Das. RHOBH Viewers are looking forward to seeing Garcelle find love like Sutton did. Leave it to an A-class like Julia to roll up her sleeves and get involved. At 55, Garcelle will serve as an inspiration to many women who may feel discouraged from starting dating again.

RHOBH season 12 focused more on Erika’s legal issues and infighting within the cast. But RHOBH season 13 could see Garcelle entertaining the dating scene. With Julia’s help, Garcelle has the right people on her side. The fans are just as invested as the My best friend’s wedding star watching Garcelle find love. Hopefully, her time is coming next season.

The real housewives of Beverly Hills airs Wednesdays at 8pm EDT on Bravo.

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