Novel ‘Strength of a Desire’: who killed Henrique Sobral? Remind the killer’s other crimes

THE novel “Force of a Desire” (1999/2000) returned to the air on Viva channel with the story of the forbidden love between Inácio (Fábio Assunção) and Ester (Malu Mader). In the final stretch of the plot, a great mystery comes to light: who killed Henrique Sobral (Reginaldo Faria), the good guy’s father? The farmer is murdered on the day of his son’s engagement to Alice (Lavinia Vlasak), making Inácio the main suspect for the crime.

However, of course, Inácio is innocent, and Sobral’s murderer carries on his back other deaths in the soap opera that brings together a series of deceased artists. After all, who is “serial killer” of “The Force of a Desire” and why cause, motive, reason or circumstance does he kill anyone who crosses his path?

Remembering that in addition to the six o’clock soap opera by Gilberto Braga, Viva will rescue next month “Bambolê”, “Maria do Bairro” and “Coração de Estudante”, whose main story you remember here. Globo will reprise “O Rei do Gado” for the third time on “Vale a Pena Ver de Novo” also starting in November.

Who is Sobral’s killer in ‘Força de Um Desire’ and who else does he kill?

In “Strength of a Desire”, the great killer is Barbara (Denise Del Vecchio), the wife of Higino (Paulo Betti) and mother of Alice, whom she pampers in every way. First, the viper kills the husband’s first partner after the man turns against being his ally. Then she takes the life of a seamstress for believing that the woman was seducing Higino.

In the sequence, Barbara kills one of Higino’s mistresses after the farmer threatens to leave her for the other. For the same reason, the assassin kills Helena (Sonia Braga), Sobral’s wife. That’s because Higino falls in love with Inácio’s mother. In this crime, Bárbara gets help from Luiza (Isabel Fillardis) to kill Helena poisoned.

The crime is discovered by Dr. Xavier (Nelson Dantas), who becomes another victim of the criminal. She also kills Father Olinto (Abrãao Farc) with poison because the religious insists that she confess his murders to the authorities.

Finally, unmasked by Sobral, she shoots the farmer. In the last week and already showing signs of madness, Bárbara confesses her crimes to being delivered by Vitório (Antonio Grassi) and ends up arrested.

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