Robert Downey Jr. Delete Tom Holland from photo to defend another actor

The Avengers are already used to getting into epic battles. But a while ago another beef happened off-screen, involving some of the main names in the Marvel franchise like Robert Downey Jr..


Yesterday we ended the election campaign in Brazil, but as you may still remember, the last presidential race in the United States was also quite tense, which formed a direct confrontation between former President Donald Trump and Joe Biden, who won the elections and became the new President of the United States.

Big names at Marvel got involved in this electoral race, even participating in campaigns in favor of Joe Biden. But one name in particular, apparently, was swimming against the tide, which made many fans suspect he was in favor of Trump’s re-election: Chris Pratt, Star-Lord.

At the time, the actor was surprised by a wave of attacks, being elected the “worst Chris” etc. Some Marvel colleagues, however, came to Pratt’s defense, such as Mark Ruffalo and James Gunn, director of the franchise. Guardians of the Galaxy.

But probably no post in defense of Chris Pratt resonated as much as the one by Robert Downey Jr.. The actor defended that Pratt is a man of values, said that we should all reflect before we go on attacks, etc. But the great curiosity is that this defense post, made in Instagramcame with an image that underwent a major change in photoshop.

The change? Robert Downey Jr. simply erased Tom Holland from the photo, to make it look like it was just a picture of the actor with Chris Pratt. Check out the original photo and the after photoshop version below:


Original version of photo by Robert Downey Jr.


Version in which Tom Holland was erased.

Despite some implying or even laughing at the fact, Robert Downey Jr. acted well at the time to remove Tom Holland from the photo. The actor’s presence in the photo of this publication could imply that Tom also shared the same opinion.

And you, what did you think of all this? keep following the Marvel’s legacy so you don’t miss any news!


The star’s last adventure in the MCU was in Avengers: Endgamethe twenty-second film from Marvel Studios, released in April 2019. Ultimatum won the record for the highest grossing film in the history of cinema in 2019, until it lost the post again to avatar in 2021. Records aside, the film ended The Infinity Sagaand was consecrated as the end of an era: the first generation of the MCU that started with the first Iron Man (2008).

The film was once again written by Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely and directed by Joe and Anthony Russo. In the midst of an epic cast, it was marked the last time we saw the original Six Avengers on screen: Robert Downey Jr; Scarlett Johansson, Mark Ruffalo, Chris Hemsworth, Jeremy Renner and Chris Evans. Currently, the film is available here in Brazil on Disney+!

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