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Alert, trend: the Chanel-style tweed coat is back (and the ideal model is at Mango)

In the 1950s, the French label became known for its rough wool suit. In 2022, new interpretations emerge.

It is predicted to dominate the women’s closet in the fall of 2022.

There are few outfits as iconic in the fashion world as the Chanel suit. The tweed coat and skirt set has become the signature of the French fashion house which, since 1954, has continued to integrate the intricate rough wool fabric into its iconic creations. Despite being an iconic model, tweed is no longer an everyday preference for many women. In 2022, however, the classic was adapted for everyday use and a modern lifestyle.

The set created by Coco Chanel has gone down in history. Despite the controversy surrounding the designer’s connections to the Nazis, she became a feminist icon in the 1920s, designing pieces of clothing that became synonymous with freedom, emancipation and even rebellion. Her proposals, which included exclusive elements of the men’s wardrobe, go far beyond the primary role of clothing — covering the body.

This legacy did not last just a year, nor a decade, but 60 years. The fabric itself, made from a specific wool, was associated with a more classic style and for a clientele with purchasing power — such as Chanel. In the 50s, the suit was considered essential for any chic and elegant woman.

Now, 70 years later, the trend is back (although it never left the French luxury house’s catalog) and has already reached the most affordable brands. At Mango, for example, you find a proposal that proves that tweed will invade Instagram feeds. It appears in the same square print that we associate with the famous Chanel suit, but with a more modern design. The short model is adorned with a golden chain that replaces the buttons that the founder of the Parisian insignia always wore.

The jacket has a straight design, with long sleeves and frayed details. And, like the outfit that emancipated women, it has a matching skirt to build a complete look. It costs €79.99 on Mango’s website and is available in sizes S and L. If it has arrived at the fast fashion stores that are favorite Portuguese women and it girls — such as Sienna Miller, Sydney Sweeney and Selena Gomez — it means that the model will be all over the place in the coming months.

Virginie Viard, current creative director at Chanel, tried to be inspired by the zeitgeist, that is, the “today” spirit, in her latest collection. In the proposals for the autumn-winter 2022 season, she presented tweed as the protagonist of her designs. At the Grand Palais, in Paris, the usual location for the insignia’s shows, the memory of the old trend was combined with the new creative vision.

From the use of brightness to the bet on the monochromatic style, as opposed to chess, the proposals are varied. Outside of clothing, the tweed accessories themselves are a way to escape the more conventional looks. Whether in wallets or shoes, this iconic fabric gives a vintage and differentiated touch to any accessory at the same time.

Mango’s proposal is far from the only option on the market. Click through the gallery to discover the selection of models we’ve made for you (from various brands, styles and prices) and get ready to join the trend.

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It costs €59.99 at Mango.

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